Invani reversible cycling kit gives you two colour options for the price of one

Get two looks from one piece of clothing with newly launched range

UK clothing brand Invani launches today, with its unique feature being that all its kit is reversible. So rather than needing two jerseys to match your different outfits and your mood, you can have one and just turn it inside out. It’s also a useful feature for the multiday rider, cutting down on the amount of kit they need to carry.

Invani’s kit covers your top half needs and also includes knee warmers. It’s available in both men’s and women’s cuts. Not many people want to wear their seatpad on the outside, so there are no bibshorts. Invani kit will be available initially exclusively through the company’s website.

Top half kit available includes short sleeved and long sleeved jerseys, base layers, arm warmers and a gilet. Invani’s kneewarmers , long sleeved jersey and gilet are DWR treated, to help keep out a drizzle, although as with all DWR treated kit they aren’t designed to fend off a proper downpour.

The main colour options, available for most pieces, are black/blue, red/burgundy or grey/teal.

Flip your jersey inside out for a different look

Invani has been working on the range for over two years. That’s included an extensive search for the right Italian made fabrics and the best European factories to make up the clothing. It’s engaged a pattern designer in the fashion industry to develop prototypes and perfect the fit, look and technical details.

The result is a range that’s well sized for the UK cycling market: not baggy but not skin tight either. There are raw hems to many of the pieces, like the short sleeved base layer (£30) and the arms on the short sleeved jersey (£80), both of which we have now been able to ride in.

Fit of Invani's jerseys is close without being restrictive

Although the front and rear panels of the jersey and the fabric used for the base layer are a bit more substantial and opaque than some summer kit, nevertheless both are comfortable in typical UK summer conditions, vent well and wick sweat away without becoming damp.

Being reversible, the jersey has sets of pockets at the back on both sides. It might seem that you’d feel the pockets on the inside against your back, but I didn’t find this to be the case, as they just sit flat against your lower back. Invani flatlocks all its seams and uses reversible zips too.

Another nice feature is that Invani jerseys come with a ride pack, so you can stash your bits and bobs neatly away in a single bundle for your ride.