Proviz launches super-reflective helmet

New helmet has reflective particles embedded in the shell

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With the hour going back, Proviz’s launch of its new Reflect360 helmet is timely. Proviz makes a range of very reflective garments for cycling and running. Its new helmet is made in Germany and incorporates millions of tiny reflective glass beads into the shell. These are covered with a clear outer layer, so they shouldn’t rub off with day-to-day wear and tear.

LED light is incorporated into the dial adjuster

LED light is incorporated into the dial adjuster

The helmet looks a fairly standard grey during the day, but reflect strongly in headlamps at night. In addition, there are two flashing LED lights and a red rear reflector built into the rear of the Reflect360. Proviz says the new helmet gives a larger reflective area than any other helmet on the market.

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“We are now extremely happy with the helmet and how effective it is at night or during hours of low light and it is a natural expansion of our best-selling range. It is a product that I think all cyclists that wear a helmet will have an interest in,” says Rupert Langly-Smith, co-founder of Proviz.

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The new helmet comes with a dial adjuster and also includes a bug net to keep moths at bay. Its visor is removable. Proviz will be selling the Reflect360 via Moore Large, its distribution partner, with a retail price of £79.00. There are two sizes available: Medium to fit head sizes from 52cm to 58cm and Large to fit 55cm to 63cm.

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Moore Large’s e-commerce website Today’s Cyclist lists the helmet’s weight as 290kg, which we assume is a typo.