Tech of the week: Bardet’s hairnet, two new Kineses and Pirelli e-bike tyres

Also BMC sponsorship news and how cycling shorts are having a fashion moment

New bikes and fashion shorts

We’ve covered Romain Bardet’s hairnet style Ekoi Legende helmet this week. Despite the retro style, it’s aero and lightweight. And we’ve found that cycling shorts – minus the pad – are now a fashion item.

Bardet in his new Ekoi helmet biffs a spectator. Photo : Yuzuru SUNADA
(Image credit: Yuzuru SUNADA)

Apart from Richie Porte’s crash, BMC Racing had a pretty good Tour with Greg van Avermaet in yellow for eight stages. But we’ve reported that Dimension Data will be on BMC bikes next year, as the brand withdraws from its marquee team sponsorship.

This week, we’ve had two new bikes from Kinesis. The titanium GTD (for “go the distance”) frameset is for the ultra-endurance rider, with two Kinesis ambassadors setting out for Meteora in Greece yesterday on bikes built using the frameset for the Transcontinental race.

New Kinesis GTD kitted out to go the distance

Meanwhile, the alloy Kinesis G2 is sold as a complete bike for £1500, ready for off-road terrain, as well as tarmac. And Pirelli has now expanded its two-wheeled tyre range to e-bikes with five new models to choose from.

Get out there!

Now that the Tour de France is over, it’s time to dig out your own bike, dust the spiders’ webs off and get back out riding. We’ve given you 15 reasons why, including better sleep and better sex life. And if you think it will hurt to get out on the bike again, we’ve five reasons to get a fresh bike fit.

Will a bike fit update cure your aches and pains?
(Image credit: Picasa)

With the hot weather continuing, we’ve had tips for how to cope. We’ve also given you an overview of bike storage solutions, to allow you to fit that n+1 bike in your groaning garage, shed or bedroom.

Rapha had its end of season sale starting last week too, with discounts on summer and poor weather kit (you know you’ll need it soon enough) as well as £120 off one of its new saddles.

Head down to Rapha for a sale bargain

And this week’s Cycling Weekly deals pages have been on top notch cycling shoes as well as the usual Sunday Trading, so now’s the time to grab a bargain.