Three helmets in one? Bollé launches a transforming lid

French brand Bollé is best known for its sunglasses, now it has launched a range of helmets including one which you can change depending on the type of riding you are doing.

When buying a helmet road cyclists are presented with a choice. An aero road helmet or traditional vented, but less aerodynamic helmet. Aero road helmets are faster, but this comes at a slight weight and ventilation penalty. For some people, this means buying two helmets. Factor in that many road riders enjoy hitting the trails for the occasional blast of mountain biking and the need for a third helmet can arise. Simply put, you can’t have it all and Bollé has sought to address this.

The new helmets can colour coordinated with Bollé eyewear

The new helmets can colour coordinated with Bollé eyewear. The red panels are removable.

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The new ‘One’ helmet is cleverly designed to meet all your road, racing, triathlon and mountain bike needs in a single package. The design has two removeable panels that when in place, cover the vents, making the helmet more aerodynamic.

The detachable visor for mtb use

The detachable visor for mtb use

The panels can easily be popped off to expose the vents and provide far greater cooling. Something which is ideal if you normally ride in a temperate climate like the UK, but occasionally head to warmer climes.

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The detachable visor for mtb use

The detachable visor for mtb use

There are also plugs which can be removed to allow for an included visor attachment, to meet the needs of mtb riders. It doesn’t end there. Bollé has really thought about this helmet from the ground up and included a lot of other features.

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Firstly there is safety, which above all else is the primary requirement of a helmet. Bollé claims that the new ‘One’ exceeds the current shock absorption requirements by 97% and that this has been verified by independent testing. Other helmet manufacturers often seem to simply want to meet these requirements, while making the helmet as lightweight as possible rather than talk about exceeding them.

An optional light can be placed in the back of the helmet

An optional light can be placed in the back of the helmet

There is a slot at the back into which a light can be placed. The included light increases visibility and features two modes, although it is not currently USB rechargeable, requiring coin batteries. For winter use the lining can be removed and replaced with a thermal lining pictured below. Something which is also useful for washing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.44.14

The helmet also comes with a clever QR code sticker which can be placed on the rear. Upon purchase, you have the option to download an app which will allow you to link your unique QR code with a message about who you are and any medical details you wish to include. The idea is that should you come to grief, the person who comes to your aid can scan the code and get the information.

Optional QR code sticker

Optional QR code sticker

Famous for making the iconic eyewear worn by Orica-GreenEdge and Ag2r-La Mondiale, the new helmet has a special sunglasses garage that is designed to integrate perfectly with Bollé’s eyewear.

The sunglasses garage

The sunglasses garage, note the panels are removed.

Available in a wide range of colours, these are also intended to matched up and coordinated with the corresponding sunglasses, should you wish to. There are two price levels – the standard option which is £89 and a premium option that comes with the light and other accessories for £109.

For more information, head over to Bollé.