Tweets of the week: Tom Pidcock jumps off a boat, bikes take over London, and one rider gets a cheeky Nando's

Here's what has piqued our interest on social media this week

Portrait of Tom Pidcock in a helmet with an Instagram post embedded of him jumping off a boat
(Image credit: Getty Images)

A video surfaced this week that I can’t stop watching. It involves Tom Pidcock - the newly crowned cross-country mountain bike world champion - and a speedboat. 

Let me set the scene for you. The Brit has just enjoyed an impressive World Championships in Glasgow. Yes, he chose to forgo the road events, but the strategy paid off, and he left Scotland with one gold and one bronze medal on flat bars. 

Where did he go next? Well, according to his Instagram followers, the Greek island of Corfu. Here’s where the speedboat comes in. 

Filmed from behind the steering wheel, Pidcock makes his way to the bow of the vessel, and looks back with a devilish grin. He then turns to face the deep blue, hands gripping the hull’s metal railing. Surely he’s not going to ju… Oh my, he jumped.  

The boat powers on and skips across the sea’s surface, leaving Pidcock but a dot in its wake. 

It’s not the video itself that I love. My favourite bit is the way, I presume, the Ineos Grenadiers directors reacted when they first saw it. Can you imagine the panic in the group chat? The boy jumps legs first. Not the money makers, Tom!

It also got me thinking about whether teams should carry out risk assessments for riders' holidays. A cursory Google search tells me that a person is “highly unlikely” to escape injury if they jump off a moving boat. I have no idea how fast Pidcock’s barque was going, but the dial shows ‘45’ (km/h?), which I assume is quite a lick. 

Fortunately, the Ineos Grenadiers rider went unscathed. Or at least unscathed enough to publish on Instagram. “Work hard so you can play hard,” he captioned the post. More like work hard so you can frighten the life out of your bosses - am I right?

Elsewhere on social media this week, Juanpe López buys a swimming pool, Blanka Vas shows off her handling skills and Team GB’s Archie Atkinson dines in Nando's for the first time.  

1. Skip across to the boat video, you won't be disappointed

2. We've all been there, Juanpe. I once came close to buying a cat basket and I don't even have a cat

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3. No pots of gold in this picture, but Mathieu van der Poel's white shorts are certainly to be treasured

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4. A reminder to all fans to please keep your deer on a leash

5. There are two ways to tell when a Grand Tour is coming up. Either you look at the calendar, or you wait to see when Sa Thomas picks up the scissors

6. Riders at the Tour de l'Avenir have been sleeping in what appears to be rice paper. I've seen better quality bedding in haunted house documentaries

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7. Chapeau, Blanka Vas. The rest of us mortals would either end up face down in the grass, or with a mouthful of gravel

8. You are Kenough, Fred Wright

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9. When Zoe Bäckstedt tells you to eat, you eat

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10. Archie Atkinson was promised Nando's if he won a world title in Glasgow. He got his prize, and a rainbow jersey

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11. Wondering why Tadej Pogačar isn't at the Vuelta a España? It's because he's about to drop the hottest album of the summer

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12. It's amazing to see so many people riding to this festival in London, but good luck finding your bike afterwards

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13. Here's a fun fix for when you forget to bring a spare inner tube 

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14. Yes, we've all forgotten an inner tube before, but have you ever forgotten your right shoe? 

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