Prendas Windtex/Super Roubaix under-helmet cap

Prendas is renowned for wallet friendly pricing without losing quality; can the Super Roubaix under-helmet cap fall inline?




  • Very warm
  • Fits well
  • Price


  • Uncomfortable
  • Only for the depths of winter

Price as reviewed:


For the £14.95 price tag you can certainly say you get value for money with the Prendas Windtex skullcap.

Made with two materials designed to fend off the elements: Windtex at the front to block the bitterly cold winter breeze and at the rear, Super Roubaix that helps to retain warmth whilst maintaining that all-important breathability. As a whole these work well together and provide great coverage and warmth.

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However, with the windstopping front, we did tend to overheat a little. More often than not the front started to build up with sweat; certainly a cap for the deep winter days.

Although shaped well to fit under the helmet, which managed to limit movement around the head, we found the front panel a little uncomfortable. Over time the firm stitching that helps the hat retain its shape pressed against our skin and the harsh windproof material left little to no comfort or luxury feel.


Overall it’s a great way to keep warm, but you may need something a little lighter for all but the coldest of days.