Cadence Burst jersey

The Cadence Burst jersey is certain to catch the eye




  • Colourful but not distasteful design
  • Very breathable
  • Relaxed fit


  • Expensive
  • Can sag when pockets are full

Price as reviewed:


The Cadence Burst jersey has to be one of the brightest cycling jerseys ever produced, and this is after all in a sport that is hardly renowned for its understated kit designs.

However, somehow Cadence has managed to make this jersey incredibly eye-catching without being over the top, with the black panels on the shoulders, back, and torso helping to balance out that rainbow of multi-coloured dots.

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As a jersey rather than a canvas, the Cadence Burst jersey performs fairly well. It is best worn in hot weather, with the highly breathable fabric doing a great job of keeping me cool on recent trips to warmer climes, and if push really comes to shove with the temperature, then there’s always the full length zip to pull down.

Cadence burst jersey fabric detail

The Cadence Burst jersey is made from a highly breathable fabric

The Cadence Burst jersey comes in what the California-based company describes as a “Club fit”, which basically means there’s a little extra leeway if you decide to go for a second slice of cake at the cafe stop, but also allows or better air flow around your torso on really hot days.

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However the £99.99 pricetag does seem a little on the high side for a jersey of this ilk. The material is quite stretchy which can lead to the jersey sagging if the three rear pockets are fully laden, and you feel that much of your money is going into the look of the jersey. Certainly, if it’s function that you’re after, then there are similar jerseys out there at much lower prices.

For more details visit the Cadence website.


The Cadence Burst jersey is an eye-catching jersey that is thankfully nowhere near as lurid as it first appears. It is nice a breathable with a relaxed fit, so it's ideal for riding in hot weather. However the pricetag is a little high, and it can stretch if your pockets a fully laden.


Sizes Available: S-XL