Hackney GT Camo Swifty Collab jersey

The Hackney GT Camo jersey is part of a collaboration with urban artist Swifty

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  • Interesting pattern
  • Quality materials
  • Good fit
  • Wide range of men’s and women’s sizes


  • Not quite as performance oriented as some jerseys

Price as reviewed:


  • The Hackney GT Camo jersey design is one of three from Swifty Grafix and is made in the UK.

    Hackney GT describes itself as a cycle clothing and fashion label. It aims to make cycling kit that looks a bit different from the usual pro kit-inspired designs but retains their technical features.

    Although dubbed camo, it’s bright enough that it should keep the SMIDSYs at bay, with a pattern including swathes of red, yellow and blue.

    According to Hackney GT: “Swifty has always been a fan of who we are and what we’re trying to achieve and has wanted to work with us for a while. His take on the camo print is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and are glad we can now release it.”

    Hackney GT Camo jersey

    Rear features a full range of pockets with a reflective dart under the middle one

    Sleeves are black and there are quite substantial, wide cuffs to the arms. Although not as yielding as some, these are wide enough that I found them comfortable and they kept the sleeves in place well. There’s also a silicone gripper at the waist and a quality UK-made zipper.

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    Hackney GT describes the fabric as golf ball weave. It’s comfortable and airy enough for good ventilation on hotter days. There’s extra-stretchy fabric built into the side panels for a close fit.

    The black rear pockets include a fourth zipped one, and there’s a dart of reflective material sewn into the bottom hem of the middle pocket for extra visibility. You get a Swifty Grafix logo on the rear, as well as the Hackney GT one and a banner saying that the Hackney GT Camo Swifty Collab jersey is made in England.

    The Camo jersey is available in a range of men’s sizes from XS up to XXXL and in women’s sizes from 8 to 16 too. The camo design makes a change from the run-of-the-mill cycling jersey, without sacrificing comfort or technical performance.


    The Hackney GT Camo jersey makes a change from the usual cycling jersey designs but retains quality technical features and a good fit. It’s UK made and available in men’s and women’s sizes too.


    Weight: 180g
    Contact: www.hackneygt.com