We test seven of the best track pumps


Park PFP 6

We test seven of the best track pumps

Score 7

Blackburn Air Tower 1

Like the Park, Blackburn’s Air Tower 1 needed to step up to the mark in order to gain some points…

Score 8


Any pump in this test will be a worthwhile addition to the tool cabinet if all you have is a hand pump, however large it is, but here at the CA test bench, good enough isn?t what we are after.

This test has proven that when it comes to floor pumps, the step up in performance when you pay just £10 extra is easily worth it in the main. SKS?s £30 pump bucks the trend somewhat and is a great performer we?d be happy to use every day.

Sometimes however, there is a standout performer ? the Lezyne. With the caveat that those cyclists who regularly use both valve types may find the valve swapping method tedious, we cannot recommend the Sport FD highly enough. Not only the simple attachment but the quality feel and comfort in use easily make this the standout performer.

  • Brian

    Working in a shop, we use pumps for customers to demo bikes upwards of 100 times per day. The ‘Joe Blow” has outlasted all other pumps we carry in the shop by more than a factor of 10. Most pumps barely last a week under these conditions, which would equate to a respectable life use for most customers. If you figure most folks use there pump an average of two to three times per week, that would be at least a couple of years. To last that much longer says something to the quality of this pump.

  • MR

    Where are the other five pumps?

  • Ken Evans

    A high pressure gauge location is easier to read.
    Any serious racer needs to make sure their tyres are at the optimum pressure. Whether racing on the track, the road, or time-trialling.