Cycling Weekly to launch industry's biggest road cycling awards event

As the UK’s third most popular sport, cycling is now part and parcel of everyday life for millions of people up and down the country. And after 126 years of constant publication Cycling Weekly remains at the heart of Britain’s cycling scene, recognised as the sport’s best loved and most respected brand.

With a reach of over 5,000,000 cyclists a month through print, online, social and events, the Cycling Weekly brand in all its guises retains its unique and coveted position. Meanwhile the still growing and ever diversifying market merits a first class awards event recognising and celebrating the best people, products, riders and racers in UK road cycling.

We’re therefore happy to announce the inaugural Cycling Weekly Awards will take place in December 2018.

Cycling Weekly Awards 2018

The Awards will incorporate the CW’s ‘Editor’s Choice Awards’, which acknowledge the products that have taken the market by storm and the crowning of the coveted British Rider of the Year title.

The Awards on the night will not only recognise and reward the best British riders but also be expanded to celebrate the people who make the sport happen. The Cycling Weekly Award winners will be chosen by the CW team, external experts from the world of cycling and by reader vote. All of which will make these awards the most relevant and all-encompassing in the cycling scene.

The Cycling Weekly Awards night will take place in December 2018, at 8 Northumberland Avenue, a luxury central London venue. This black tie event will be hosted and attended by well-known cyclists adding an extra touch of excitement to an already packed night.

Cycling Weekly Awards 2018 venue

Simon Richardson, Cycling Weekly editor, says: You only have to look through previous winners of our coveted British Rider of the Year title to realise what a who’s who of cycling it is. I can’t wait to expand this out to more categories and to celebrate the winners in style.”

Sean Igoe, head of the cycling commercial team said: “I am absolutely delighted and extremely excited to announce this launch, a lot of hard work has already happened behind the scene to make sure this is the biggest awards ever seen in world cycling.

“Road cycling has seen huge growth and it’s an amazing sport to be involved with for so many reasons I have always been amazed there’s never been a beautiful ceremony to celebrate road cycling until now. The awards will be streamed live globally, we are genuinely excited and we have some very big brands from outside the cycling market wanting to talk to us. I look forward to speaking to the market to discuss potential partnerships”.