The incident resulted in the cancellation of the third stage of the Belgium Tour


Stig Broeckx (Lotto-Soudal) is reported to be in a coma after an incident involving a motorbike at the Belgium Tour.

The third stage of the race was initially neutralised but was then cancelled when the seriousness of the crash became clear.

It’s thought that a moving moto collided with a stationary moto, and both then collided with a group of riders.

Broeckx had only recently returned from a broken collarbone suffered in a collision with a motorbike at Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne.

Tony Martin (Etixx-Quick Step), who was in the race but not involved in the crash, tweeted about the incident not long after the race cancellation:

The UCI press office tweeted a short statement later in the afternoon:

Other twitter users posted photos of the immediate aftermath:

This is a new incident in a growing list of collisions involving race vehicles, the regularity of which seem to has increased over the past few seasons.

Earlier this year Antoine Demoitié died after a motorcycle landed on him following a crash. His team, however, refused to blame the moto driver for their rider’s death.

  • John Senior

    Cycling won’t survive without publicity so have to be some Moto’s. What are the new rules – if Kittel hasn’t seen them who has? All future collision incidents need a proper enquiry with results made public. Number of incidents in last two years unacceptable!

  • gr1nch

    I wanted Cookson in, but he is failing with (a) women’s pay equality and opportunity and (b) the motorbike problem. That no strong leadership and action has been done on (b) is scandalous, given the recent death and life/career threatening incidents/accidents. None appear to be the fault of the riders.

    Cookson should get half of the UCI bureaucrats out from behind their desks and at races *ensuring* the regulations are enforced. So frustrating to see weak, uninspiring and ineffectual leadership at UCI.

  • John Smith

    The most noticeable change in cycling in the last few years is there is much more traffic
    It has to be reduced

  • Jay

    No doubt UCI is under immense pressure to improve the situation. And the speed at which things get done there tells you it’s still laced and retarded with bureaucracy. Cookson must be so frustrated working there.

  • Chris

    UCI is ineffective as a governing body for cycling. Brian Cookson is ineffective as its leader. What has he done to solve this problem? Certainly nothing to stop or even reduce the incidents with motos.

  • blemcooper

    Man, in the final climb on the Giro today, I counted like NINE motos lined up in front of one group of two riders (I think it was Chaves and Kruijswijk), with two of the motos having just passed the cyclists. My imagination isn’t good enough to guess what all the motos were doing there, or how many more motos were with Nibali further up the road, or the one or two groups in between.

  • Dan Kenyon

    Yet another moto incident, how many more are needed for the UCI to actually do something??? Hope Stig mends soon