Amazon Prime Day: Deals for Gravel Cyclists

From bar bags to tires and hydration packs, save on gravel essentials

Amazon Prime Day Deals for Gravel Cyclists
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From bike sales to event registrations and social media content, gravel biking continues to be the hottest trend in cycling — for racers and recreationalists alike

At the heart, gravel is about adventure and exploration. It’s our modern day bike touring or the millennial generation’s call of the wild. It’s less about getting from point A and B as quickly as possible and more about the journey in itself (unless, of course, you're trying to set a new FKT). 

For many, gravel is about building a different relationship with the bike and seeing where it and your own two legs can take you. It’s about the freedom to roam, being away from cars, going into nature and relying on your own abilities. 

In racing there’s always the element of who crosses the finish line first, but at the time there is also a certain unity if having conquered the same course at the same time. In that way, everyone wins and everyone is celebrated. 

Whatever gravel means to you, the element of self-sufficiency means that the right gear is incredibly important. From hydration packs to tubeless tire plus and flared handlebars, we scoured the Amazon Prime Day sale to find the best deals for the gravel cycling essentials. 

$80.00 (opens in new tab)

Schwalbe G-One All Around Gravel Tire

$80.00 $69.97 for the 27.5 (650b) x 1.5 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)
$83.60 $76.99 for the 700 x 38 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

One tire, for most conditions. The Schwalbe G-One All Around tire features a micro knob pattern for riding all roads, be it asphalt, gravel roads or even dry, hard packed trails. 

The tires are tubeless compatible and currently between 8 and 13 and percent off depending on tire size. 

$49.00 (opens in new tab)

PNW Components The Coast Gravel Handlebar

$49.00 $39.30 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

PNW Components believed that when it comes to gravel riding, wider is better. Available only in 48cm and 52cm widths, the wider bar paired with a shallow drop and flare is meant to make switching hand positions easier, stabilize the bike handling, and minimize discomfort in your neck and wrists.

$169.99 (opens in new tab)

Redshift ShockStop Suspension Stem 

$169.99 $135.99 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

£157.91 £126.33 on Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

When the roads get bumpy, take the sting out your hands and arms with a suspension stem. The Redshift suspension stem features 20mm of dampening suspension to minimize the effects of road vibrations, thereby reducing sore hands, wrists and necks while adding more control, comfort and confidence to your ride. Our reviewer said the Redshift suspension stem is "one of the most cost effective ways of finding more comfort at the handlebars."

Image (opens in new tab)

Redshift Shockstop PRO Suspension Seatpost

$299.99 $239.99 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

£280.75 £224.60 on Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

Complete the comfort package with the Redshift suspension seatpost. This seatpost adds 20mm of tunable suspension to the rear end of your bike, dampening the vibrations from harsh roads to allow you to ride in comfort for longer, with less fatigue, fewer butt and lower back aches and more enjoyment. 

Our reviewer was impressed, stating “This is really actually quite good...riding with this post has left me fresher post ride, allowing for more riding; or in my current situation, ability to walk upstairs afterwards."

 $379.99 (opens in new tab)

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM GPS bike computer

 $379.99 $299.99 on Amazon US  (opens in new tab)

Don't get lost as you explore the roads less travelled! Here's a decent saving on the Wahoo Elemnt Roam GPS bike computer (opens in new tab), in fact is around the lowest price we've seen it. 

We rated this almost as much as the Garmin Edge 830, finding its route planning intuitive and overall packaged really nicely. A major selling point for gravel riding Is the computer's ability to re-route itself even without cell service.

Orange Seal Sealant: 32 oz: $40.83 $33.11 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

Orange Seal Sealant: 32 oz: $40.83 $33.11 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

Orange Seal Endurance with Injector, 40oz: £13.95 £12.54 on Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

A big bottle of natural latex, fast sealing sealant suitable for gravel, cyclocross, road and mountain bike tubeless setups. In reviewing the product, our editors were impressed by the quick sealing and effectiveness of the sealant.  Now 19% off. 

$29.99 (opens in new tab)

Dynaplug Ultralite Tubeless Tire Repair Tool Kit

$29.99 $26.99 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

Tubeless tires are great until you puncture. Luckily, a tubeless tire plug can save the day (and the mess!). 

The Dynaplug Ultralite is designed for all tubeless tire applications, be it on your (fat) gravel or mountain bike or even your car in a pinch. 

Machined from billet aircraft 6061 aluminum, the tool is durable yet but ultra-light, weighing in at a mere 2 ounces. The compact package includes a four brass-tip plugs, an insertion tube and a body that doubles as a dirt- and waterproof compartment to store spare plugs.

$47.00 (opens in new tab)

Orucase Smuggler HC Handlebar Bag

$47.00 $35.25 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

The Smuggler isn't your average compact handlebar bag: it's insulated! I've yet to find bag that's more true to the name "burrito bag", as this one will keep your drinks cold or your food warm, depending on your intended use. When you're not carrying perishables, the bag sports enough storage for repair essentials and an extra layer of clothing. It's also waterproof so your belonging will stay dry and protected. 

$27.00 (opens in new tab)

Orucase Trail Pal 

$27.00 $16.20 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

The Orucase Trail Pal is like a SWAT system for those not riding a Specialized bike. This kevlar-reinforced storage bag enables you to keep your fix-a-flat basic strapped on your bike so you have it with you whenever you need it.

The non-slip material means the bag stays in place and your paint scratch free. The bag can be strapped to the down tube, top tube, seat tube, or even under the saddle. It's spacious enough to 1 spare tube, 2 20-gram Co2 cartridges, 1 tire lever and 1 multitool.

$54.95 (opens in new tab)

Dakine Hot Laps 2L Fanny Pack

$54.95 $36.95 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

This quintessential fanny pack is filled with neat little features such as a two water bottle pockets, a fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses or your phone, compartmentalized inner, and outer gear loops for a light or extra carrying capacity.

$150 (opens in new tab)

evoc Hip Pack Pro Hydration Waist Pack with 1.5L Bladder

$150 $114.99 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)
£77.57 £75.00 on Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

If you're looking for a way to carry extra water, this ventilated hip pack can store 1.5 liters of water in the bladder, as well as two water bottles in the external water bottle holders. 

Additionally, the main compartment can fit an extra layer of clothing, while quick access pockets on the hip belt make ideal storage for your phone, wallet, a gel or a  multitool. 

$835 (opens in new tab)

evoc Bike Travel Transport bag

$835 $724.95 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

£551.53 on Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

Traveling to a gravel race? Here's a decent discount on a well-reviewed travel bag. The evoc bag impressed with its easy of use, lack of storing volume and the internal organization. 

In use, the bag measure 58.25 x 15 x 9.25 inches and should fit most mountain, gravel, road and even triathlon bikes. 

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