Zwift 'Drop Shop' lets users customise avatars and grow bike collections

New store allows Zwift users to build up a supply of N+1s

Zwift has added a virtual store to its online world, where users can purchase new bikes and wheels for their avatars.

The 'Drop Shop' will operate via a Wattopian currency of 'Drops', which can be earned through using the game, through a combination of miles, feet climbed and calories burned whilst in the virtual universe.

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Today, all Zwifters will receive a bonus supply of 'Drops', paid directly into their new Wattopia bank account to kick off the shopping spree.

With a Canyon Speedmax priced at 710,000d, we're guessing the exchange rate isn't comparable to sterling or the Euro.

The Drops cannot be purchased or traded, and have no real world value - so whilst you'll be able to use your Zwift miles to purchase kit from the likes of Specialized, Trek, Cervelo and ENVE, you won't be able to get your local bike shop to honour their value (sadly).

Up until now, new kit was earned when riders managed to 'Level Up' - this will continue  to be the case, based in total milage completed.

However, the kit received when you go up a level will only by accessories, used to customise your appearance - jerseys, helmets, glasses and shoes - with the exception of 'special unlocks' received for completing challenges, like the Concept Z1 bike.

Outside of these special unlocks, all bikes and wheels will all be available at the 'Drop Shop' alone.

The good news is, with all the Drops and kit being virtual, there's no limit to the amount of space in your garage (hall way/bike room), either...

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