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Dan and his disco shoes.

We at the Tech fashion police have noticed the rise of personalised footwear that has swept the upper echelons of the pro peleton. Last year Daniel Di Luca had shoes with ?The Killer? ( a seriously dubious nickname…) stitched on the front. Allesandro Petacchi also had his own ?podium pumps? at the Giro last year. But how the mighty have fallen- ?Desperate Dan? Di Luca, after certain drug allegations, is currently residing at the back of this year?s giro. A chronic lack of podium placing has meant he?s probably back in his elderly flip-flops! Pettachi, after a similar ban, isn?t even riding at the moment. Hey Allesandro, what?s Italian for ?do you have Hush Puppies??
So now we turn our focus to Dan Duguids footwear. Dan, as you might know, is not outdone by any of the big fashion players in the pro peleton. Dan likes to look good. And even if we are currently experiencing a gap between Sigma Sport (his team) victories- our boy is ready to look good if and when.

Specialized shoes are sooo last season!

So we noticed when the pleasing retro styling of the trusted specialized leisure shoe was replaced by the shiney vinyl DMT shoes. Freak out baby!

DMT Podium shoes- HOT like a disco inferno!

In all seriousness, we are never gonna stop believing that these shoes can help Dan go faster, if only because whoever wins races from the office staff has to buy cakes for everyone else. Were dusting down the Bee Gees records. Who’s got the fondant fancies?

Stu wrestles with a tree!

Mr Bowers has assured us that the only way to avoid this kind of accident (he and co pilot got out uninjured) is to go even faster! Mmmm…

205- now you see it…

“Does the path carry on down here?”