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Mike Hawkins takes the biscuit!

After the last blog entry our department has grown increasingly curious, apprehensive, and downright jealous. All because of an upcoming trip to Italy by Mike Hawkins to witness the finery that awaits, as Campagnolo make their BIG new product launch.

A deal was struck to repay the rest of us with Italian cookies as some recompense for being left in cold, wet Croydon. So we all frowned as Mike bounced into the office, all chipper and full of beans, with yet another blue box. Amazingly, in this delivery Campagnolo had, unknowingly, sent some biscotti to us and saved his bacon.

As Mike is the big cheese round here, it is only right that he goes to Feltre to report on some ground breaking new kit – any lesser correspondent might not cut the mustard. There is a tendency for some us to get a little obsessive concerning these things, and over egg the pudding as it were. (NO more cheap food gags! Ed)

Biscotti- maybe even better than Hob Nobs!

CW reported last week on the launch of the new 7900 Dura Ace range, and the breakthroughs that are being introduced to Shimano’s flagship range. A revised, stiffer chainset, an improved free hub body, and a Flightdeck computer that measures your heart rate as the icing on the cake (?Grrr! Ed)

Certainly the steaks are high (?that ones terrible- you?re sacked! Ed)- it seems that these two launches have been done in unison with neither company wanting to be outdone by the other for innovation. We will aim to bring you the full analysis of these products as they appear. Are these genuine breakthroughs designed to benefit the pro peloton or will they allow better profit sold to the credit card cyclist “fashionistas”? Are these innovations going to trickle down to the leisure cyclists, who buy the budget ranges, or do these two giants have…’erm… bigger fish to fry?!!! (?you?ll never work in this town again! Get out! Ed)

Tullio Campagnolo- a bike racer and a mechanical genius.