Tech of the week: Bacteria resistant bottles, a new wonder material, and more

Here's our pick of the tech highlights from last week, including bacteria resistant bottles, a new wonder material set to change the world and more...

Bacteria-resistant bottles

Cyclists are renowned for only cleaning their water bottles when absolutely necessary, and even then its only a quick rinse, but a new bidon from ABLOC could alleviate the need to do a regular clean.

ABLOC Water bottles

ABLOC Water bottles

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The Arrive S water bottle reportedly has antimicrobial technology embedded in the body, which means it is resistant to mold, bacteria and odors. Click here to read more about it. There’s more information on the ABLOC website too and an Arrive S bottle will set you back $12 (less than a tenner).

Vulpine smashes crowdfunding target

Vulpine clothing

Vulpine clothing in collaboration with Sir Chris Hoy

British clothing brand Vulpine has raised over £1 million after just two weeks of crowdfunding. Vulpine founder Nick Hussey says he is ‘blown away’ by the support the company has received in its crowdfunding quest. What are they going to spend this new capital on?

Hussey reassured investors that “There will be no fancy offices, gold thrones, or cycling butlers handing out hot towels on staff rides. Investors are committing their money to make a more valuable company and get a great return later.”

 Video – Tech of the month – October

Lighter, stronger, thinner: could graphene be cycling’s next game changer?

Graphene is made up of sheets of hexagonal lattice (Photo: DP)

Graphene is made up of sheets of hexagonal lattice (Photo: DP)

Graphite is made from layers of carbon atoms. A single layer of these atoms is graphene. Being one atom thick it is one million times thinner than a human hair. It is said to be 200 times stronger and six times more flexible than steel, able to conduct electricity as efficiently as copper, to be superior in terms of heat dissipation to all other known materials.

Vittoria Corsa graphene enhanced tyres

Vittoria is alsready using Graphene in its latest tyres

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Italian company Vittoria claims it has incorporated graphene into its latest tyres and wheels, after five years of research and a combined investment of €45 million. Graphene has huge potential but the biggest challenge remains manufacturing and manipulating this exciting material in useful quantities/scales.

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dhb Winter clothing

Wiggle’s in-house dhb clothing brand has been expanding its winter offering and has now announced winter kit in its Blok, ASV and Aeron ranges. We are big fans of the quality, performance and value offered by dhb’s past products, so we look forward to testing the new kit.

new DHB winter kit

New DHB winter kit

The Blok range, with its distinctive cross logos has been extended to include jersyes made of Roubaix fleece-lined fabrics. The ASV range also gets a winter extension. It’s more technical and fitted than Blok clothing and is the same kit as worn by the Wiggle Honda pro team. Finally, there’s the Aeron range which is a bit more protective than the ASV range, for when the bad weather really bites. To read more, click here.