Tech of the Week: hot new bikes, “comfy” saddles, and the ultimate cycling jacket

Our pick of the biggest tech stories from the last seven days

Cervelo enters endurance market

Cervelo C5

It seems like June all over again with the number of new bikes that we’ve seen this week. Probably the biggest news was the unveiling of an entire new range by Cervelo. The new C-Series bikes represent the company’s first foray into the endurance-specific market, targetting sportive riders looking for fast rides in timed events.

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Notably none of the five builds on offer will come with rim brakes, with Cervelo only offering its new series of bikes with either Shimano or SRAM hydraulic disc brakes. However you shouldn’t need to worry about the extra weight that discs bring with them, as the Cervelo C5 apparently has the lightest frame of any endurance bike at just 850g.

Cipollini adds discs to NK1K superbike

Cipollini NK1K Disc

But if endurance isn’t your thing, then you might be more interested in the disc brake version of the Cipollini NK1K superbike. Thankfully the new bike retains all of the crazy good looks of the rim brake NK1K, with cut out seat and top tubes, and some pretty outrageous Kamm-tail tube profiles.

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However beneath the skin, the carbon has been beefed up at the fork and seatstays to cope with the asymmetric torque of hydraulic disc brakes. The price is still the same though: an eye-watering £4,000 for the frameset only.

B’Twin’s mad new commuter

B'Twin concept bike commuting

Unfortunately, this is one bike that you’re not going to be able to buy next year, however much money you’d be willing to pay for it. B’Twin’s latest concept bike is billed as the ultimate commuter bike, even featuring a space to store your laptop or tablet.

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Our main questions regard the dodgy photoshopping of the picture above. Mainly, how do you change gear using those shifters with SRAM Force 1? And are the cassette and rear derailleur on the wrong side of the spokes? Hopefully the final design process will sort these issue out.

The saddle that got everyone talking

Infinity saddle 1

Despite this flurry of new bikes, our most popular tech story of the week was the news that Infinity saddles are now available to buy. “So what?” you say. Well the controversy here is in the saddles’ revolutionary design, which is claimed to make these saddles the “most comfortably saddles in the world”.

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The thinking behind the claim is that by taking away the material at the centre of the saddle, you take your weight off your pubic and sit bones, placing more of it on parts of your backside that, er, have a bit more padding. And as an added bonus, this means shedding weight as well, with the mid-range saddle above weighing just 210g. What’s not to like?

Gore’s ultimate winter jacket

Gore One Gore-Tex Active jacket

If Gore could control the weather, it probably wouldn’t have wanted the temperature to still be comfortably in double figures when it launched it’s new One Gore-Tex Active jacket, billed as the ultimate winter cycling jacket.

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What makes this jacket so special is the fact that it’s made from an all-new Gore-Tex material, which has two layers instead of three, apparently improving breathability while retaining the the wet weather protection that it has become renowned for. The only bad news is that only 1,000 such jackets are going to be made, so you’d better move fast if you want to get one.