Tech of the week: flashy clothing, go faster components and hills

We’ve had new shoes, warmer gloves and lots of lightweight kit this week

New shoes from Fizik and all-weather gloves

Let’s face it, we cyclists are suckers for flashy footwear. So we have been drooling over Fizik’s updates to its top-of-the-line R1 range this week. There’s a new upper for more effective and comfortable closure and a £400 knitted version for ultimate fit and ventilation.

Layer up your gloves for cold and wet rides

If your hands are getting cold, wet or both when you’re out riding, you’ll appreciate the Dissent133 glove layering system. It combines up to three layers to tackle any degree of bad weather.

We’ve given you our run-down of essential bike accessories too.

Plenty of ride-faster upgrades

For go-faster riders, we’ve had Muc-Off’s super-slippery Nanotube Chain. It’s a Dura-Ace chain treated with graphene lube, that Muc-Off says will save you 10W and keep working whatever the weather. While if you’re after an energy saving ceramic bottom bracket, FSA now has an on-line BB finder that helps you get the right one for your bike.

Muc-Off’s super slippery Nanotube Chain goes on sale

We’ve also had lightweight wheels from… Lightweight, a new Met helmet and smart bike lights in October’s Tech of the Month video.

Or for even more speed, you could always buy Bianchi’s new e-bike or fit a hidden motor, as a rider in a third cat race in France has allegedly done. It’s a great way to bag a few more KOMs on Strava – although don’t go for these segments in Oz unless you want an earful from their “owner”.

Adam Kenway and winning bike, Monsal Hill-climb 2017

We’ve had ten ways to improve your climbing to help you too, not including using a motor and none as extreme as those practised by some of the top riders during the classic Monsal Hill Climb last weekend. Or you could take to the turbo – we’ve found deals with up to 50% off.

Also this week, we have given you Midweek Most Wanted, eight of the best bike helmets, deals on clothing and Sunday Trading discounts to tempt you.

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