Tech of the week: windy week special

Plus 12-speed Campag Super Record EPS, new wheels from 3T and a GPS with legs

Windy weather riding

It’s been windy just about every day the last week here in the UK – usually with a dose of rain thrown in too. So we’ve had lots of windy weather news and advice: we’ve had tips from former pro and Madison-Genesis directeur sportif Roger Hammond on how to keep going and how to race in the wind. Plus, we’ve dissected the nine moments everyone experiences on a windy ride, from putting out 350 watts to keep up 18kph to (if you’ve planned your route right) effortlessly streaming home at 40kph-plus without a care in the world.

The joys of spring weather riding

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It’s not just us who suffer in the wind though: we’ve had pro stories of windy race trials and tribulations throughout the week. Even a tailwind isn’t a plus for the pros: the fast racing and edgy handling make for more crashes.

Some new tech too

Out of the wind, we’ve had news of the launch of the 12-speed version of Campagnolo’s Super Record EPS groupset. As well as the extra sprocket, for the first time you can fit the junction box into the bar end rather than having it sit under the stem.

An extra sprocket for Super Record EPS

3T has the new 25mm internal width, 45mm deep Discus C45 Wide wheels out. It says that they are as aero efficient as a 60mm wheelset, plus they add extra width to a 25mm tyre for more comfort without the weight.

Morvelo has released its Overland collection this week too. It gives a more relaxed, but not over-baggy fit, which it says is good for the urban cyclist and off-bike use, as well as the gravel riding and bikepacking for which it was designed. Despite the look, Overland clothing is made of technical fabrics with a cycling cut and reflectives, so it will cope with sweaty riders and the other trials of cycling.

Morvelo Overland adds tech details to its relaxed look

And if you’re planning a multi-day adventure and don’t want to get lost, you might be interested in the new Shanren Discovery GPS unit. With Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity and turn-by-turn mapping amongst its features, it does everything that a GPS unit should, but keeps doing it for longer, with a claimed 96 hour battery life.

Plus, we’ve given you our pick of arm and leg warmers, if you want to get your tights off. And there have been deals on wheels, shoes and that general shiny stuff that you secretly lust over.