Watch: Tour de France fan goes all out to grab a discarded water bottle

Overexcited fan goes head-over-heels for a discarded bidon on stage two of the Tour de France

Everyone loves a freebie when they go to the Tour de France, after all that’s why you turn up hours early to watch the caravan trundle by and hand out novelty keyrings and poor quality caps.

But every now and again spectators can get their hands on something with a rider’s DNA on it – when someone throws an empty water bottle to the side of the road there’s usually pandemonium.

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This fan on stage two, however, massively overestimated just how many people would be scrambling for this bottle, which was ejected at high speed from the peloton.

Spotting him moment of glory, the chap turns quickly on his heels and darts into the bike lane, desperate to be the first to get his hands on the prize.

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Such was his excitement he lost his balance almost immediately, flying head first towards the bottle and skidding on the tarmac towards it. Anyone else would have simply been able to pick it up and walk off.

But thankfully, for this fan, he was the only one interested in the bidon and his comedic grab at the end of his clumsy skid was all caught on camera.

God bless camera phones and YouTube.

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