Friday roundup: a 4-chamber mini pump, competition for Shokz and a fresh look for Pinarello's Grevil

We take a look at this and more in our Friday tech news roundup

Pinarello Grevil gravel bike
(Image credit: Pinarello)

We're now nearing the end of what undoubtedly feels like the longest month of the year - and tech releases are coming thick and fast. Alongside leaked helmets, and groupsets, this week has also seen formal releases of new headphones, mini pumps, and a new Pinarello colourway, too.

To cover all of this, we have opted for a quick-fire theme to this week's tech roundup, so let's waste no time, and admire the gear of the week.

New Suunto Wing bone conducting headphones

Finnish electronics brand Suunto has released its latest headphones in the form of the Suunto Wing Open-Ear bone conduction headphones. The Wings have a one-piece design, connected around the rear of the users head, hopefully keeping them secure even when excersising.

headphones close up on rock

(Image credit: Suunto)

The match up well to the competition, weighing just 33 grams, boasting a full charge time of one hour, and up to 10 hours of playing time. The new headphones are set to retail for $199/£169, and we will be putting them through their paces in the coming weeks to see how they stack up against the likes of market leader, Shokz.

BBB DoubleShot mini pump

This week, Dutch component and accessory brand BBB released a first of its kind minipump that offers an impressive amount of power in a super compact 120mm long form factor.

BBB mini pump

(Image credit: BBB)

The new pump has two separate chambers which allows for higher airflow per pump, whilst maintaining a similar size to a CO2 canister kit. BBB say it's well built too, opting for an aluminium construction, meaning it weighs just 83 grams.

That aluminium construction also means the pump is rated to a maximum pressure of 116 PSI, or 8 Bar, which is plenty of tyre pressure with today's wider modern tyre widths.

BBB mini pump

(Image credit: BBB)

You do have to pay for the new design though, the pump will be hitting the shelves at a price of €59.95 (UK and US pricing is currently unavailable).

Fizik Omna Wide cycling shoes

Fizik's popular Omna shoes have been around for some time now, but this week, the Italian shoe manufacturer releases a wide-fit edition of the performance road cycling shoe.

Fizik Omna wide

(Image credit: Fizik)

The shoes share the same construction as the original Omna shoes, with an R5 nylon outsole, which Fizik says offers a blend of comfort and moderate stiffness.  Cleat position has moved slightly further back too, to help combat knee compression, while a wide front inlet vent helps to cool your feet.

Fizik Omna wide

(Image credit: Fizik)

The upper part of the new kicks is made of a lightweight PU which is ventilated, and retention is handled by a single bi-direction Li2 BOA® dial.

Retailing at €165 / £169.99 / $169.99, and weighing around 240 grams, these shoes offer a good style/cost ratio!

Pinarello Grevil F

Gravel is still growing, and Pinarello is staying at the forefront of the craze bringing new colourways to its Grevil gravel bike for 2024. The flagship Grevil F9 is available in two new colourways, Stone Green, and Stone Orange (pictured below).

Pinarello Grevil

(Image credit: Pinarello)

The Grevil F7 on the other hand, is receiving some two tone treatment. It'll be available a total of three new liveries. The Stone Green (pictured below) crosses over with the F9, and alongside that you get the choice of Red Wine, and Stone Grey.

Pinarello Grevil

(Image credit: Pinarello)

Other than a colour refresh, its business as usual for the Grevil. The bike still features the same geometry, tyre clearance, and build options.

Selle San Marco x Eroica

Selle San Marco has formalised a partnership with Eroica, releasing a range of saddles to celebrate a growing love for vintage riding. Eroica, which was created back in 1997, now runs a club and events, which invite cyclists to rediscover the 'beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest'.

Group ride in tuscany

(Image credit: Selle Italia)

Selle San Marco has released a total of three new saddles, the Concor, the Rolls (pictured below) and the Regal.

Selle Italia saddle

(Image credit: Selle Italia)

The rolls in particular reminds me of the much loved Turbo saddle of the 1980s, one of which is fitted to my beloved knock-around fixie!

For more information, visit the Selle San Marco website.

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