New S-Works shoes spotted at Saudi Tour: could these be the S-Works 8?

Already seen on Daniel Oss at the TotalEnergies training camp, they've now made a splash at the Saudi Tour

Cian Uijtdebroeks of Bora - Hansgrohe
(Image credit: Getty Images)

You might have thought Specialized already had enough models in its flagship S-Works range. We make the total eight, with five being road-specific.

Still, it seems that the R&D department is working overtime and yet another model has broken cover. 

First spotted being worn by Daniel Oss at the Team TotalEnergie training camp, the most recent sighting has been at Saudi Tour, gracing the feet of Cian Uijtdebroeks of Bora-Hansgrohe.

Davide Ballerini left, Cian Uijtdebroeks right

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The design is looks similar to the current S-Works 7 model, pictured left. The Boa S3-Snap dials that were launched with the S-Works 7s appear to have been carried over and kept in similar positions on the upper.

Perhaps the most obvious difference is the lack of Velcro strap over the toes, but there are other more subtle changes too. The tongue appears a little longer on the new shoes, while the cut around the ankle looks to have been taken a little lower than previously.

The heel cup might have been made a little taller, although it's hard to say for sure from just the pictures – it might just be an illusion from the lower sides around the ankles.

Specialized S-Works road range

Top left: S-Works Ares, top right: S-Works 7 Lace, centre: S-Works EXOS, bottom left: S-Works Vent, bottom right: S-Works 7

(Image credit: Specialized )

Of the other S-Works shoes in the range, all are markedly different in style and application. 

The S-Works EXOS are Specialized's lightweight offering, using just a single Boa dial to save weight. These new shoes, in contrast, don't look to be designed with a view to minimising the weight.

The S-Works Ares were designed in conjunction with Sam Bennett as the ultimate sprint shoe, with a very different closure system that clamps a little lower down and doesn't use a traditional tongue. Again, the new shoes don't appear to be going down this avenue at all. (Tap right on the image below to see the shoes at Team TotalEnergies' training camp)

Most recently added to the S-Works range were Specialized's Lace shoes, which perhaps most obviously have their own place in the line-up.

So that just leaves the S-Works 7 road shoes and the S-Works Vent, which is essentially the same shoe, but designed to be a bit more breathable. As we've noted, there are differences between the S-Works 7 and these new shoes – but they still seem similar enough that it smacks of an update, rather than yet another addition to the range.

We've yet to hear confirmation of a new S-Works model, but will keep you updated with the latest developments.

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