Tech Question: Where do things now stand on press-fit bottom brackets? Good or bad?

Few innovations have garnered as much animosity as press-fit bottom brackets - but the tech now has some strong proponents

Image shows press fit bottom bracket
(Image credit: Future)

Just why does the bottom bracket (BB) hold such a level of fascination within the cycling psyche? 

Perhaps it’s because that’s where a bike’s biggest bearings are to be found, and any sort of superlative holds a certain draw. Or perhaps it’s because of the cognitive challenge they pose - with so many styles and standards, they’re a veritable Everest to be surmounted, promising the warm glow of BB enlightenment once you know your square-taper from your cotter-pin…

Selfie of Dave Farmer
Dave Farmer

Dave Farmer took over the long respected Cycleworks bike shop in late 2016, located eponymously in the beautiful Surrey Hills, south of London. He's ridden and raced a wide variety of bikes over the last twenty-something years, and he continues to ride to work daily and fits road and MTB riding in around a busy work and family life.

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