Cycling Weekly sets out to answer questions surrounding trends – new and old – in the world of cycling.

Our writers pose the question and set out the background information on the chosen theme and then with the help of experts – one for and one against – aim to help readers and riders better understand each topic.

From the advantages of different tyres widths to the pros and cons of certain clothing choices, the articles below shed light on some of the things you might hear your clubmates talking about at the weekend.

We investigate whether a dedicated bike for the colder season is a necessity or a luxury, and ask do you really need a winter bike?

Thanks to interactive apps, the days of staring at a garage wall are gone; but how much do you need to spend to get the most out of turbo training?

Changing to puncture-resistant tyres for the winter used to be standard practice but better rubber means it’s no longer a necessity

Could the simplicity and low weight of a 1x set-up outweight its flaws? Quieter, more secure, lighter — these are just some of the praises our dirt-riding brethren have been…

Listening to music while riding is controversial but the evidence regarding safety cuts both ways and a favourite tune can boost performance

With incredibly broad cassette ranges with larger gears now the norm, we ponder the future of compact chainsets

Will yet another extra sprocket make us better cyclists? We look at the possibility of 12-speed groupsets on road bikes, and the benefits they could offer.

The lengths manufacturers go to to perfect their rubber suggest there is more to tyre make-up than meets the eye

Is there more to a good cycling shoe than a super-stiff sole? James Bracey investigates…

Simon Smythe and Paul Norman evaluate the real-world benefits of cutting-edge skinsuits that promise to cut drag to a minimum

High-end carbon wheels can turbo-charge your performance and boost your morale — But is it worth upgrading to anything other than this miracle material?