It was another week of cycling bashing in the Daily Mail. After the recent outrage caused by James Martin, the C-list bike-hating celebrity chef, come the demented ramblings of Petronella Wyatt, who sees fit to blame us for pretty much everything that’s wrong in the world.

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, the big problem is that she’s got most of her facts totally wrong. Ms Wyatt wants a change in the law to force cyclists to take a test because of the increased number of accidents involving bike riders. Wrong.

There has been a 107 per cent increase in cycling in London in the last decade yet the number of cycling casualties has actually fallen by 27 per cent.

She thinks there is a proposal to make motorists responsible for all accidents involving cyclists, irrespective of who was actually in the wrong. But Petronella is wrong again. The proposed Strict Liability legislation will always allow a driver the chance to prove a cyclist’s guilt.

And she says police have found that half the collisions between bicycles and cars are the fault of the cyclist. Not even close. In non-fatal collisions involving cyclists aged over 25 police solely blame the driver in about 70 per cent of cases and divide responsibility between both parties in 10 per cent more.

There’s already enough anti-bike hatred, without inventing nonsense statistics to support a deluded rant.

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly

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  • David Jones

    She’s at it again, or at least the Daily Mail is, recycling the original rubbish story in the Mail Online this weekend.

  • Ken Evans

    Just another British “journalist”.

    Britain needs much better laws against the idiots in the media !

  • Mike Lucas

    “Factually inaccurate” I love that.
    It seems pretty clear to me that the Mail either have no editors, or that they spend there time in the pub. They certainly dont read the copy they are given or they may have noticed Ms Wyats rant about her “hitting every car and pedestrian as she wobbled the wrong way down a one way street, on her bike, cursing and screaming”. If this article was’nt so pathetic it could almost be funny.

  • Alex G

    I now notice that the original article is now closed to comments, all previous comments ahve been deleted and the editor has had to print an adendum to the article pointing out that she’s “factually inaccurate”!

    Well done the Daily Mail, why not just pull the article and be done with it. Muppets!

    I’ve been knocked off my bike three times in the last two years riding to work in the city and every single time it has been by a taxi pulling over to collect or drop off a fare, without looking or indicating.

    Having said that, there are a lot of complete idiots out there cycling, generally on fixies, with no lights or helmets, sometimes even texting on phones. All trying too hard to look trendy and not spending enough time obeying traffic signals and general rules of the road.