Don’t panic, that’s my advice. If it’s too wet to ride, skip a day or two, there’s still plenty of time left this season. Assuming you ride for fun rather than wages, why go out in the rain when you don’t have to?

This recent bad weather is dire enough to blunt the enthusiasm of even the most hardened rider. Eventually you will simply run out of dry clothes and if you commute, there are only so many times you want to ride home in wet shorts.

Motivation becomes increasingly difficult to find and the danger is that if bike riding becomes too much of a negative experience, it’s all too easy to pack things in.

Let’s keep things in perspective. Fortunately for us it doesn’t normally rain quite this much – this is set to be the wettest April since records begun almost 250 years ago. It’s been a bleak three of four weeks but the season still has some six months to run.

In this week’s issue of Cycling Weekly our expanded sportive section has details of all the forthcoming events in May, and there’s plenty to enter. We also have news of the Etape Pennines, the first closed-road sportive in England, a tough 78-mile loop around County Durham on October 7 which still has 1,000 spaces left.

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly magazine

  • Paul G

    Riding in the wet is an excellent way to improve your bike handling skills and concentration. Racing in the wet is another matter.. it can be seriously dodgy, but it’s still good for cycling development, imo.

  • IanH

    Ha ha! Mr Clanger = genius. I was thinking exactly the same thing when I read it. Riding in the rain can be amazing fun if you’re wearing the right kit. It’s only a bit of water. Can’t the editorials be a bit more positive and cheery?!

  • Bedfordshire Clanger

    For goodness sake man MTFU, or to put it politely HTFU. There are rules and the most important of them is number five. May I suggest that you purchase a decent set of waterproofs and get out on your bike. You’ll find that the rain isn’t all that bad and a wet ride never hurt anyone, in fact it makes the sunny ones all the more enjoyable.

  • Nooney

    If cycling news got CW on kindle we could sit at home in the rain and have a good read, when o when is CW gonna catch up and put out in digi’ I got loads of CW’s lying around shes giving me grief to bin em, but you know what its like, “where did I read that article about the nutrition value of a gonga gonga berry” so hide em in the garage (she wont go there pysc her out, theres mice in there love I heard em), but then I have to go out to the garage in the rain for the info, catch a chill, no training, CW’s fault, scoring through back issues then getting solicitors numbers to sue CW, so save yourself a law suite Rob, get it on kindle (wink)