You never know what’s going to upset people. In last week’s Cycling Weekly magazine editorial I dared to suggest that Bradley Wiggins could finish on the podium, or even win the Tour de France.

Hardly my most controversial words ever – I was merely noting Wiggo’s transformation into a genuine GC contender – but it sure touched a nerve with many readers.

We closed for press on Monday’s rest day, 24 hours after our man had climbed to third overall behind Contador and Armstrong with his epic ride to Verbier, where he held his own against the world’s best. Surely now he has done enough to silence the doubters?

“Before the Tour I said I was in the best physical shape of my life and that I could finish in the top 15, maybe even be top 10,” Wiggins said.

“People laughed – there were all sorts of comments on the internet, but after two weeks I feel good and think I can finish top five.

“I’m not going to stick my neck out and say I can win the Tour in the next four years, but if the bar is set high enough maybe I’ll come close.”

Only in Britain could you be criticised for having ambition instead of celebrated as possibly the greatest British Tour rider of all time.

  • Gary Metcalfe

    After driving down to Monaco from Zeebrugge, across the South of France to a (Sky TV equiped) rented house, then back across France to the Alps before heading up to Paris, all I can say is that Wiggo (and Cav) made our holiday!!!! What a fantastic performance from both riders, and it’s demonstrated to the world that clean drug free Brits can do it in the biggest road event in the world as well as on the track. Wiggo showed that he’s a real star….intelligent riding, style, and bucket loads of guts.

    As we left the Alps to drive up to Paris, is was fantastic to see “GO BRAD GO” as the only road painting in Cluses. Made you feel proud to be a Brit.

    Can’t wait for 2010!

  • Dermot Healy

    It is amazing that even when wiggins won world junior championship on the track a few years ago , people were saying this guy is going to be something, its amazing what he achieved and now that he is on the best team in world he has probably produced his best ever result. from tackie to tour rider and possibe winner, a film will be next. the cheek of people laughing at him, half of them probably couldnt even climb a bridge!!!!!

    he must feel a million miles from cofidis now, best thing he ever did leaving them.

    good on ya!!!!

  • Gary Wallis

    watching the TDF from Australia was fustrating, due to the fact everytime someone put in a good performance, they would be slated on the cycling websites over here about doping etc etc. I am so proud of what Mr Wiggins has acheived, including making public his blood test’s….that shut them up down here !

    And its sad and very narrow minded when I point out that we have a two female TDF stars, and Im told “so what”

  • Joviano Dias

    Yo.. bradley wiggins rocked in TDF 2009,
    now am become his great fan,…

    GO bradley! hope to see you win the tour someday…

  • Graham Galpin

    I was fortunale enough to see most of the broadcast tour (broke my leg and am confirned to the house). I have seen no weekness in Bradley and am convinced that the only barrier to a place on the podium is his belief that he can do it. He has broken the mould now and I’m sure he has convinced himself of his capacity to be on the podium.

  • Guy

    From world class individual/team pursuiter to holding his own on GC in the Tour de France in less than a year takes some doing in anyone’s book.Chapeau Bradley Wiggins

    I get the distinct impression that the ‘Cav & Brad’ show in this year’s tour sits uneasy with the ‘combine’ that is ASO and Lance Armstrong.Quelle hypocrisie..

    In many respects the ‘spat’ between these two talented riders has driven them to even greater achievements individually AND has benefited British Cycling.