Ten reasons why cycling is the best way of getting to your workplace

1. Nothing better clears the head for a day at work than a morning cycle.

2. Equally, nothing focuses the mind quite as much as having to dice with drivers. And if your job involves physical strength all the better – like the Incredible Hulk you get stronger as you get angrier.

3. It beats sitting on a stinky bus.

4. It beats sitting on a stinky train.

5. It beats having to pay for petrol and parking.

6. The smug sense of satisfaction as you pass queuing traffic.

7. The smug sense of satisfaction as you enter your workplace bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (while your colleagues look like death warmed up).

8. Excellent for natural show-offs – what other pastime would let you wear self-illuminating, hi-viz yellow kit in public?

9. Confirms all your prejudices about taxi drivers.

10. Career progression – cycling is the new golf, don’t you know? Pedal up alongside the MD when he’s riding home and chat about your mutual bike love.

So what do you love about cycling to work? Tell us in the comment box below.

  • Caspar Hughes

    It is faster and more consistent than any other transport in London too.

    Joke or not cycling weekly shouldn’t be encouraging prejudice, cabbies are not all bad. That’s just lie saying all cyclists jump red lights.

  • Craigy

    I started cycling to work not only because I was unfit, but also because I got fed up of the bus being late or simply not showing up at all. When I complained, rather than get an apology, I got some crappy sob story about lack of funding from the local authority, trying to make me feel sorry for THEM!
    So, I figured that I could probably ride the 12 mile commute quicker than it would take on the bus, plus I would save money, lose weight and gain fitness. I was right on all accounts. Now that I am experienced in dealing with punctures, I can change an innertube and be riding again in a few minutes, so I still beat the bus to work.

  • Philippe Samouilhan

    It’s my time spent my way (by choice you whiny bitches)
    I discover new places around the periferals of the routes a car would just speed through without noticing anything really
    I’m getting stronger as I get older (54 now) and wiser …
    You want more … ask !

  • Ben Marlton

    Work is only 1 1/2 miles from home, so I refuse to drive, no matter the weather! Plus it’s a spot of fresh air first thing in the morning.

  • Roger

    You missed:

    4. Having the choice between:
    a. feeling starving and knackered all day
    b. spending an hour eating and recovering before you actually doing any work

    5. Having to carry a change of clothes with you or to arrange to take them to work and back home again at some other time

  • Amedeo Felix

    I can only agree with:

    3. It beats sitting on a stinky bus.

    4. It beats sitting on a stinky train.

    5. It beats having to pay for petrol and parking.

    You missed teh negatives:

    1. Stinky roads.

    2. Raised blood pressure from dealing with:
    a. Idiot drivers
    b. Idiot pedestrians
    c. Idiot cyclists (oh yes)

    3. Arriving at work sweaty and uncomfortable and so:
    a. either be relatively uncomfortable teh whole day
    b. use the disgusting communal shower, and feel even more sullied

    I cycle because there is no better choice. I sure as hell don’t like it though.

  • Paul Hossfield

    11. You get to tear through the donuts with impunity.

  • sjs

    At 7.35 this morning. approaching Leeds City Centre the score was one cyclist on road, two nutters riding bikes on pavement. Cycling to work eh?

  • Rodger Waters

    Got a driving ban in 2011 cause of a brain wobble, had to get mobile so after 30 odd years I brought a bike, haven’t stopped cycling since it goes to show Every Cloud eh.