Cyclists collectively scored 70 per cent in Road Safety Week quiz compared to 58 per cent of drivers

Cyclists have a better knowledge of road safety than drivers, a study has found.

A Cambridge law firm, Irwin Mitchell, quizzed 7,000 people on the issue as part of Road Safety Week and the results reveal that much of the population is well versed in correct road etiquette and the laws – though there is still a large number who are unaware of correct behaviour.

Of the eight questions asked, however, cyclists scored 70 per cent correctly with drivers scoring only 58 per cent.

95 per cent knew all the traffic signs and 86 per cent correctly said that cyclists are not required to wear protective clothing – an issue that came to light recently when Chris Boardman didn’t wear a helmet for a BBC cycling safety piece.

The results demonstrate, according the law firm’s partner Neil Whiteley, that “there is a need for motorists in particular to be more aware about the rules governing cyclists on UK roads.”

He added: “Often there are issues between road users which may arise from a lack of understanding about the correct approach or rules that apply to each other.”

  • JFRD

    It is everyone’s responsibility to be safe on the roads. Yes drivers need to be more considerate and patient with cyclists, but I have been in the car many, many times where bike riders have pulled out of junctions without looking or are riding 3 abreast on country lanes, making it difficult for cars to overtake. It’s largely irrelevant who ‘knows more about road signs’ if this is not put into practice on the roads. And before people bite my head of for defending motorists – I am a cyclist and have experienced poor driving first hand.

  • Issy

    Motorists need to be more aware of the rules governing motorists, let alone the rules covering cyclists.