Experiments in Paris showed that allowing cyclists to jump red lights in certain situations does not create more accidents

It’s long been a gripe of motorists and cyclists alike – seeing a bike rider sailing through red lights with little regard to their or others’ safety.

But now the Paris authorities have given cyclists the right to turn right at a cross-junction at a red light, as well as continuing straight on at a T-junction when the road is on their left.

Obviously, with the French driving on the righthand side of the road, such measures would be the opposite if the same thing were to be legalised in the UK.

The scheme will be introduced on some junctions across the French capital, with traffic lights for bikes showing when it is acceptable for a cycle to proceed. A statement said that the new measures would improve the flow of cycle traffic.


Experiments carried out in 2012 reportedly showed the measures reduced the chances of accidents involving cars and bikes, especially those involving a car’s blind spot.

The French city is hoping to become a ‘capital of cycling’ by 2020, with desires to see 15 per cent of all journeys made by bike.

Do you think this is a good idea, and would you like to see it introduced in the UK?

  • Bog Dia

    No need of another sign.
    Right and T-intersections are allowed (with respect to others participants).

  • John Smith

    The cycle haters will go apoplectic

  • blemcooper

    In the U.S. at least where we have right-on-red for cars as well as cyclists, you’re supposed to come to a complete stop, look left, and proceed only if there are no pedestrians in the crosswalk, etc. (though most motorists tend to stop on top of crosswalks 🙁 ). As this article notes, they are doing something different, with separate traffic lights controlling the bicycle traffic. Regardless, it is always good for a cyclist check left and right before proceeding across an intersection, even when you have the green light given how often motorists blow through red lights (I see that two or three times a day on my bike commutes).

  • asa

    In schema 1, if a bike rider turns without looking left into a street too narrow for a car and a bike side by side, this will cause conflict between them. This happened to me as a driver in Spain, when a moped emerged from a side turning, a car coming through the junction had nowhere to go except over the line – into me. That hurt. So I just hope French riders will check left in Schema 1.

  • a bondholder

    Strong work France. In North America cars can already turn right on a cross junction at a red.