Essential clothes for cycle commuting to work, including helmets and lights


Why should you commute by bike? Well, firstly, exercise is a great way to banish those post-Christmas blues. Even modest cycling releases endorphins – natures natural anti-depressants.

But, what’s even better than the endorphin buzz? The fitness that comes with it. Cycling to work will get you fighting fit and super strong. Plus, all that added fitness will help you smash those New Year’s resolutions you’ve made.

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But starting a commute by bike can be a little daunting. Finding the correct route, the necessary kit and the extra time it takes can mean it’s difficult to get out the door.

Fortunately, we’ve put in some of the leg work for you. Here’s our list of useful commuting kit that’ll make your journey to work that bit easier.

Best commuter gear: Giro Foray helmet

The Giro Foray Helmet

The Giro Foray Helmet

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While it isn’t illegal to ride without a helmet, if you’re anywhere near near traffic then it just makes sense.

Fortunately, protecting your head no longer means breaking the bank. There’s a whole host of affordable and very good helmets on the market – such as the Giro Foray.

The Foray provides excellent head coverage and sports the great ROC-LOC retention system.

Buy now: Giro Foray from Chain Reaction Cycles for £44.99

Best commuter gear: Proviz Reflect360 jacket

cycling winter jackets

Proviz Reflect 360

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Unfortunately, getting the right gear does involve spending a little bit of cash. However, a waterproof, high-visibility cycling jacket is an essential for those January mornings.

Fortunately, the Proviz Reflect360 jacket does both. Plus, plenty of vents will keep you cool and it’s highly windproof. Just be sure to downsize as it comes up a little large.

Buy now: Proviz Reflex360 jacket from Evans Cycles for £59.99

Best commuter gear: SKS Race Blades mudguards

SKS Race Blade Long Black Set

Sadly, it doesn’t need to be raining for you to get soaked on the bike. If the floor is wet and you’re not running guards, you’ll be soaked through by the time you reach work.

Fortunately, these SKS Race Blades provide enough coverage to keep you dry and splatter free, plus they’re a doddle to attach – they simple wrap around your bike frame.

Buy now: SKS Race Blades Pro from Wiggle for £31.44

Best commuter gear: NiteRider Lumina light set

NiteRider Lumina Micro 450/Sabre 50 lights

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Chances are you’ll be riding after dark or in the gloom of a winters day, so it’s worth spending some cash on a decent pair of bike lights.

You’ll get both a front and rear light that are both compact yet bright. The front light dishes out 450 lumens – more than enough to keep you seen on streets.

What’s more, they’re USB chargeable which make them far easier to use than if you had to replace fiddly batteries.

Buy now: Nite rider Lumina light set from Evans Cycles for £64.99

Best commuter gear: DHB Flashlight Jersey


Depending on the length that you’ll be cycling, you might want to consider having a separate top to wear. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cycling jersey, but this dhb Flashlight jersey is an ideal addition.

Three pockets on the back and a concealed zip for your valuables makes it a versatile top. What’s more, it’s high visibility, too. Which means you’ll be safe on the roads.

Buy now: Men’s dhb flashlight jersey from Wiggle for £40.00

Buy now: Women’s dhb Flashlight Jersey from Wiggle for £40.00

Best commuter gear: Endura clickfast mesh liner


Buy now: Men’s Endura Clickfast mesh liner from Chain Reaction Cycles for £21.84

Buy now: Women’s Endura Clickfast mesh liner from Evan Cycles for £18.99

If you’re riding a decent length to work then it might be worth investing in a pair of padded shorts. These liner shorts from Endura are great option if you don’t fancy opting for a pair of lycra bib shorts.

They sit under your shorts or normal clothes and give you an extra level of padding. What’s more, they’re built well so you know they’ll last you, plus they’re not too thick so they wick away sweat.