Scottish cycle commuter has travelled the equivalent of 1.6 times around the world in the past 15 years

Think your cycle commuting is impressive? As impressive as one man who has cycled a round trip of 33 miles to work for the last 15 years? If so, let us know.

Because one Scottish enthusiast has ridden his bike the equivalent of 1.6 times around the world since he first started cycling to work in 1998.

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Mike Batley, 54, rides from Pumpherston, West Lothian, to Shotts, North Lanarkshire three days a week and has since clocked up over 40,000 miles.

He says that leaving his car at home has saved him nearly £7,000 in fuel costs and helped him burn 3.7 million calories.

He told the Edinburgh Reporter: “Cycling to work is one of the simplest ways people can keep fit and healthy. My daily cycle gives me a great work-out and really kick-starts my day both physically and mentally.”

Mike’s incredible feat comes a week after we reported that British cyclists travelled the equivalent of 25 times between London and Sydney during the September National Cycle to Work Day.

  • sabcarrera

    I’m cycling 55 km for about 7 months a year ut with about 500 m climbing on the return for the last 15 years

  • Jacob Burke

    My uncle cycles over 30 miles… TO work. And then back. Every day. Pretty impressive considering he’s almost 50.

  • mark lee

    Hi, I ride a 42 mile round trip from Garvestone to Norwich 5 days a week for the last few years. Good for sorting your head out after work. I do this on either my cyclicross caadx 105 or my MTB. Cheers. MARK L.

  • Tony Fisher

    You’d be surprised just how many miles some ultra-distance triathletes are prepared to clock-up during commuting to get that ‘training base’. I myself do 5 x 46 miles Monday to Friday on a mountain bike and then a century on a Saturday. Add in 5 hours per week in the pool and 35 miles running and you’ll get the idea what it has taken to finish 49 IronMan distances including 2 Deca’s and get a few AG world records on the way. It’s the commuting bit which gives me the base for everything else . you don’t think .. you have to go to work so you just get on your bike and never consider an alternative: easy! For ultra, forget the quality: it’s quantity you need!

  • Dave

    33miles 3 times a week is practically 100 miles.
    Assume he cycles 45 weeks a year (after allowing for holiday, public holiday and other days off) that’s 4,500 miles.
    15 years of that is over 65,000 miles – not 40,000.

    I do 3,000+ miles a year and have done for 20 years but I know that’s nothing to some commuters.

  • Mike

    My daily commute is a 40 mile round trip… plus recreational rides easily adding 100+ miles a week… I’ve covered 12000 miles since january 3rd

  • Cliff

    Derek Cottington (25 mile Champion, amongst other things) used to do 40 miles each way to work.

  • Kev

    I am aware of one guy on a forum I am on who did 75,000 in a year

  • Kev

    I am currently on 35,000 after 5 years. Average 150 miles per week.

  • LimeyDude

    I’m from Oxford, I live in Finland now and during the summer months I cycle 50km to work and 50km back again, which in total is about 62 miles a day. But I have to reduce the miles during the winter because keeping your hands warm at -20°C or below is impossible… 😉

  • Gordon

    Sounds impressive to the non-cyclist. I made a similar commute for 25yrs. Until I became the boss and required a vehicle. Now I go home at 3p and get in my mileage after work.

  • Gordon

    Sounds impressive to the non-cyclist. I made a similar commute for 25yrs. Until I became the boss and required a vehicle. Now I go home at 3p and get in my mileage after work.

  • Downfader

    Once walked into work past a guy with a nice racing bike and a physique like an old rugby legend, his colleague could be overheard saying thus (and I paraphrase as it has been a couple of years):

    “Mike..? Did you ride your bike to work???”
    “..but you live in Port Solent..?”
    “You rode all the way from Port Solent on.. on a bike..?”
    “That’s 20 miles away???”

    All he ever said was “yes”, I found this intensely funny at the time. It turned out he was doing a 40 mile around trip 3-4 times a week. Imagine the savings on fuel! He was no spring chicken either.

  • Abdujaparov

    There’s a guy who lives in Winteringham, North Lincolnshire rides to work everyday in Doncaster, which is a similar distance. I live in Canada now, I live near a guy called Ian Fillinger who competes in the RAAM, he rides everyday from Kamloops, British Columbia to a little place called Adams Lake where he’s the sawmill manager. A distance of 51 miles each way, now 102 miles a day to a RAAM competitor is short change! But there is also bears, cougars and moose to deal with on that route. Of course he doesn’t do this ride in the dead of winter!