Moment a cyclist commuter was hit by car travelling in opposite direction and turning across his lane caught on helmet camera
- Warning: clip contains bad language

Cyclist Jack Thoburn posted up this film in June of his ride through Romford, where he was hit by a car turning into a side road as he was following a cycle lane.

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Thoburn is thrown over the car and his bike is seen flying into the air. Remarkably, he landed on his feet. “After a very uncomfortable trip to the hospital in a neck brace and spinal board and various x-rays I escaped with just bruising. So I consider myself lucky,” he said.

  • Alan59

    Driver should be banned for dangerous driving .

  • Peter Marlow

    Hey Len… I dont remember giving you permission to have the same surname as me! Seriously, I’d have sworn far worse too.

  • BishopAucklandBiking

    Agree wholeheartedly. There is no consideration shown towards cyclist lane, whether the driver knows there is a cyclist coming or not. I was shocked at this, the violence of the collision. I’m glad that there was no major injuries.

  • yep ” i did not see you ” is not a valid excuse – more like I was distracted and your not as signficant as a car ! .. lying unaware drivers .. ( I drive and have done for 34 years) I prefer the bike in the city its quicker and freer to move about and around traffic .. I must get a head cam soon … to record the driving twunts …

  • ianism

    no it’s really really not the safest way. you are going against the flow of traffic and is extremely dangerous. all the lights and signage is backwards so you cannot see the advice being given. NEVER cycle on the wrong side of the road.
    it’s irrelevant here though, because he’s in the UK, where they drive on the left. notice all the cars coming the opposite way?

  • Happened to me a bit over three years ago, even less excuse (perfectly clear, excellent visibility). I suppose I am theoretically recovered now but it fucked my life up good and proper. The driver had to attend an awareness course (i.e. got off with zero fine and zero points on his license). These twunts need to start suffering real consequences of their “just not seeing” cyclists.

  • Kristina Howells

    This is disgusting, I hope this car driver is prosecuted for reckless and inconsiderate driving, I do hope the cyclist is ok. I feel for him !!!

  • Marco

    He is cycling in England.

  • Mince

    bwhhahahha u did see his in a cycling lane right?
    and thats normally the safest way cause u can see whats coming

  • carlo larusso

    What is he doing , cycling the opposite way !