We asked you: "You’ve just been elected UCI president. What’s the first thing you would change?" And here's what you said...

Heading the world governing body for professional cycling has to be one of the most thankless tasks in the sport.

Faced with a long history of rider doping and allegations of corruption, as well as the everyday running and promotion of cycle sport, the president of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is not a position to be taken lightly.

We asked readers of Cycling Weekly what would be the first thing they would do if they were elected as UCI president. Here is a selection of the answers. Agree or disagree? Add in your own suggestion in the comments box below.

Introduce a rule stating that any WorldTour men’s team must also have in place a women’s team by the end of the 2016 season, as well as a minimum €35,000 per year salary for women riders.
Peter Woodland-Bryl

Get rid of the 6.8kg weight limit, bikes can be made safely at sub-5kg! It’s crazy this limit is still in place, it’s more than a decade old.
Tom Cullen

Create a doper’s jersey for all events. Now all those riders who want to compete on drugs can, but they wear a black jersey and no one respects them. They aren’t eligible for any other category, though.
Luke Allan Anderson

Bring back the Olympic individual pursuit and more than one competitor per country per event in individual events, and reduce the World Cup points requirement for Olympic track events.
Brendon O’Hanlon

Stop spending money on researching the past. It’s over and done. You have learned all you can and, quite frankly, are any of the doping scandals that have occurred over the past 50 years really any different from one another?
Steve Hjorleifson

From this day on, the official language of the UCI will be Swedish. In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside, so we can check.
Neil Jackman

Allow Lance Armstrong to ride in charity events anywhere in the world.
Selwyn Leslie Gill

Allow non-UCI-approved bikes into events to help traditional frame builders survive, adapt the time trial bike rules to allow more aero designs, like the UCI-illegal Shiv, while changing the equipment rules to match the times, e.g. get rid of the 6.8kg bike weight limit.
Daryl Pickering

See that a formal apology is made to Graeme Obree.
Steven Andrews

I would make all riders take a pill that reacts with EPO etc, and it turns them into an Oompa Loompa. That way it’ll be obvious who’s cheating.
John Lewis

Introduce a blanket lifetime ban for doping to make riders think more carefully if the rewards are higher than such a risk. A hefty fine for the team they are on when caught doping. Puts more onus on the teams themselves to clean the sport up irrespective of if the rider doped in secret… they could have screened better, done their own tests, had written into the rider’s contract that the rider would be made financially liable for the team ban if they dope.
John Backhouse

Put the kilo back in to the Olympics.
Steve McGrath

Bring back wine at the feed zones.
Noel Slack

Make the Vice Presidents roles specific to certain areas of improvement, VP for women’s cycling, VP for anti-doping, VP for paracycling and put people with proven ability to deliver in those areas into each one, then create five-year plans for each that they must deliver on and give them a specific budget to achieve those plans.
Mark Hopkins

Equality for women’s racing, i.e. every major cycling event must have a women’s version running and the prize and sponsorship money should need to be equal. The Nicole Cooke autobiography was something of an eye opener, and actually I really quite often prefer sitting watching a women’s race… less predictable for a start.
Mick Miller

Mandatory weekly doping tests for all riders on WorldTour teams: miss your test, and miss your chance to race.
Scott Church

Have a beer with a few mates the start some dodgy alliances up with a few riders that are good for my image and then rule with an iron fist. Oh wait, that’s already been done…
Reuben of Roberticus

  • I’ll just talk about road racing.

    Teams should have five men and five women each race.

    Teams should have a non-sponsor name that stays no matter changes in sponsors or owners, like football and basketball.

    The Flemish week would have a combined points classification. Same with the Ardennes week.

    Poland should be removed. The two Swiss races and the two Spsnish werk races should alternate every year.

    The world championship should have a mixed-gendered relay race (4 x 10 km).

  • Fred Ribble

    Doping solution: Add 3kg to the bike for the first offense, 5kg each offense after. Penalty weight stays with rider for life, no exceptions. For people like Lance, allow them to pull a small trailer to accommodate extra weights. This method will prevent/solve the problem with minimal litigation costs.

  • Jonty Williams

    Bike weight limit 5kg, cap riders race days per year, introduce a ladies event at every top men’s event, every world tour team must have a ladies team & a development u23 team. Huge fine for doping, no bans, money put into youth development and educating against doping! Doped riders wear a coloured Jersey, no points awarded to those riders for that season. Open the hour record for non pros to try.

  • Johnny Hewison

    Minimum 5 year ban for dopers, in not just UCI events but all sports. This would be career implications, and a deterrent. No previously convicted riders are allowed to become team managers.

  • The most important issue now is how a governing body of Federations spread across many cultures across the world (more than 180 Feds are members of the UCI) can ensure a consistent application of the rules of cycling. We all know about Kazakhstan – that’s very high profile. And I know that in Thailand they only pay lip service to the UCI constitution (to which they are signatories) and the same applies in other countries such as some in Latin America. Because many countries have inbuilt corruption at every level of society in those countries it also affects how they implement international rules of sporting organisations. In Thailand they laugh at these rules and it’s about time that the UCI understood that this is becoming a huge problem because of the increasing globalisation of the sport.

  • Frobble

    Ban power meters from displaying output during a race. Post-race review of recorded information is permitted.

    Realtime display can turn racing into a “ride by numbers” exercise. Might Chris Froome have decided to go with a breakaway attempt on some of last years climbs, only to fade back having gone too deep in the red? Riding by feel has to be part of bike racing, surely?

  • TG

    Disband the UCI and let the riders have a free for all. Ban anyone who stops at a level crossing to let a train go by!