Discrete electric motor can be fitted to any bike and could add an extra 600W of power.

Sick of being dropped in the hills and outsprinted by your mates in the kick for the town sign but can’t be bothered with more training? Well Add-E could be the answer: a bolt on electric motor that can provide between 250W and 600W of extra power.

The UCI may have recently established sanctions for motorised bikes, but if you’re just out riding with your mates then we really can’t see the problem…

The Add-E system can be mounted to almost any bike, and can apparently be fitted by the customer within an hour. The system works by attaching a motor beneath the bottom bracket which drives the rear wheel whenever you’re pedalling. This is powered by a battery pack which sits conveniently in a bottle cage, with the whole system weighing about a kilogram.

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The power output of the motor can be adjusted by turning the top of the battery pack, with the user being able to choose six different outputs at 100W increments. The maximum speed that Add-E can cope with is claimed to be 28mph, but the Austrian company behind the system admit that battery life is a maximum of 50km.

Despite the price of between €770-€880 (approx. £550-£635), more than 70 people have cast aside their morals to help Add-E smash its €100,000 funding target in Indiegogo in only six days. There are still 24 days left on the funding campaign if you want to be one of the first to receive an Add-E when they ship in August.

Head over to Indiegogo for more details.

  • Henrique Ferreira

    Apart from the huge price difference, it looks like the go-e is a tiny bit bulkier than the add-e. If they performed similarly (both on range and charging time) I would always go for the go-e. For me the add-e is a bit overpriced.

  • Henrique Ferreira

    Thanks Miguel, I’ll have a look.

  • Henrique Ferreira

    My sincere apologies Conrad, misread it. Thanks Miguel, for calling my attention to it.

  • miguelgarza

    Read their source material and watch their videos carefully and you’ll see some small differences. That and the Go-E is about half the price! Unfortunately both of these products are really overwhelmed by all the orders right now and months behind in order fulfillment. I am in the USA and I would love to order a Go-E but it is not even possible right now. I am hoping they will be able to sell to the US again soon…

  • miguelgarza

    He said Go-E not Add-E. Funny enough there is another company in Austria crowdsourcing a similar product, and it is indeed called Go-E not Add-E. They both sound like fantastic products, with some small differences.

  • Henrique Ferreira

    Did you actually read this article? THIS IS THE add-e device.

  • Conrad Linde

    Looks exactly like the add-e device. Anyone know how this is different?

  • Allan

    Thank you for your wordly-wise advice. I fear trolls so much that I will heed your warning to the letter.

  • jdjd

    Please google “journalism hook”. And take life on the Internet a little less seriously, otherwise you’ll condemn yourself to a life of unending trollability.

  • jhon

    Do you think the price could ever go down a bit? i am asking because, although i love what the Add-e team has designed, it’s tough for most people to afford it reaching at a price little under $1k, i can’t tell you how much i would like one of these for my everyday transport, i don’t have enough money to afford a car yet and i am a cyclist at heart so it would be amazing to incorporate the Add-e on my bike to have a better commuting system. please let me know if there are any possible promotions or discounts available for Add-e. i love the concept and it looks great. Thank you =]

  • Allan

    I can see that this could help keep older riders on the road, but to ‘drop your friends on a hill’, or ‘not get left behind in a sprint’?..come on! If your legs can’t cope, then cycle more or alternatively, give up and just buy a scooter or moped.

  • Charlie Du

    Wouldn’t this chew through the tyre like a turbo does?

  • paulrbarnard

    Neat. Adding this to the wife bike will improve my chances of getting out for a ride no end. Might even be able to venture onto a hill rather than just a flat ride