Stebles Bikes currently searcing for funding to put unique machine into production

Fed up of plastic clip-on mudguards that were a nightmare to fit and keep rubbing on your tyres, then you may well be interested in the Stebles Bikes’ new machine, a unique bike that includes carbon-fibre mudguards that are built in to the design.

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According to company founder Mark Stebles, “the design separates the rider from the terrain surface and anything that may fly off the tyres, while also helping to keep the drive train running freely in all conditions.

“The unique design of frame and forks covers the wheels to protect the rider from tyre spray, while shielding the most vulnerable part of the chain where it picks up the most debris from tyre spray. The cover shapes form a structural frame to support the wheels eliminating the need for a traditional tubular frame.”

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Stebles was exhibiting a 3D printed prototype of his bike at the London Bike Show last week, and is looking for funding to put the bike into production, and is £1,700 towards his £30,000 target.

This money will go towards taking the computer-aided design drawings and using them to create the CNC moulds that will be needed to shape the frame. Once complete, these moulds will allow Stebles to make his dream bike a reality.

  • Le fig roll

    That is ‘special’

  • nortonpdj

    And it isn’t even April 1st

  • ummm…


  • Roger

    Try sticking it in a bike bag with mudguards on.

    I don’t know about “should have”, but I have got a winter bike.

  • bishopdante

    enclosing the top half of the wheel has a big aero advantage, also.

  • J1

    My ‘guards do none of that. Why would you need to remove them quickly? You should have a winter bike and leave them on.

  • J1


  • J1

    I know right?

  • Jonathan Theyers

    What’s rain? (I live in Western Australia)

  • Jay

    Sorry can’t help to be cruel on this one. If this is innovation then it must be a joke. All that CF and weight just to stop wheel splashes where spending less than £50 could get you very decent mud guards. I would be stunned if this project takes off and anyone would buy it because of the built in mudguards. Save the money, time and brain cells on this project Mr Stebles.

  • MrHaematocrit

    Argh.. and you had to burst my bubble, what we really need is someone to build a bike around a set of fugly mudguards… Ohh wait.

    Perhaps I’ll just wear my waterproof trousers a little longer.

  • Roger

    Definitely. As soon as you find a way to stop them rattling, rubbing and falling to bits. And a way of securing them such that they don’t damage your paint and can be attached and removed without tools, in zero time.

  • James Heath

    I think that I would prefer the Klein to be honest

  • Chris Williams

    Where they watching Batman films or high on something

  • borts

    Can’t wait to see the video of the first person to get something wedged between the fender and wheel.

  • MrHaematocrit

    That is awesome and gives me a great idea. I’m going to make a similar device but with the added feature of being able to transfer it from one bike to another or remove completely during the summer months. I just need to think of a catchy name for my idea…. Ohh oohh what about mudguards as they catch mud flicking of your wheel.
    Do you think I might be onto something, croudfunding here I come.

  • John Deeley

    I love this! I think white for the guards is probably a mistake, but the rest of it is a thing of beauty.
    I own a klein, a low pro steel TT bike and a pashley and I think this is gorgeous.

  • Chris Williams

    Gosh – so they went to bed thinking that was a good design!!!!!!! What a mess!!!

  • ReturnOfTheWazz

    No, I need it NOT TO RAIN.

  • Tony

    What an ugly looking mess! Can’t see that going down well with your average club rider.

  • Richard Braginton

    “the unique design shields the rider from spray” i thought that was what mud guards did ?