Rapha Pro Team Flyweight sunglasses available to buy for £140

Good news Rapha fans, you’re now one step closer to being able to fully kit yourself out from head to toe in your favourite brand, as the company has just launched its first performance cycling sunglasses, the Rapha Pro Team Flyweight sunglasses. All that’s needed now is a Rapha helmet and the look will be complete.

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rapha pro team flyweight sunglasses

Pink, naturally, is one of the three frame colour options, with Rapha Cycle Club members also able to go for grey

But back to those sunglasses. As you can guess from the name they have a minimalist, frameless look that is designed to make sure that they trouble the scales as little as possible. In fact, Rapha claims that they weigh just 25g, which would put them among the very lightest sunglasses currently on the market.

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There is also no expense spared with the lens that comes from German optical experts Carl Zeiss, with a bronze mirror lens coming as standard, which has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, a mirrored finish to reduce glare, and is also claimed to be impact resistance. There are also four different lens options which are available to buy seperately.

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As for the price, the Rapha Pro Team Flyweight sunglasses will set you back £140, with additional lenses priced at £80 each. Now, of course that’s a lot of money, but when we got the press release, we have to admit that we were expecting worse, maybe something along the lines of the £290 shades that Assos launched a few years back. Instead these sunglasses are actually cheaper than the Radar EVs and Jawbreakers that sit at the top of the Oakley range.

  • Chuck6421

    None of us Yanks do. ; )

  • Timpacker

    Martin bannerman you **** twit!!!

  • Timpacker

    I think this is the best comment I’ve ever read on here.. Thank you

  • The Jackal

    Martin I find it so disappointing to be reading comments like this, Martin Bannerman presumably you are the same Martin Bannerman who works in the construction industry who soon became renowned as one of the construction industry’s most incompetent package managers ever and currently lives off daddy’s and uncles money in Manchester, you complete lunatic you’ve never done a full hard days work in your life !!, your skin wouldn’t graft son !!, the truth is you are as thick as a Gurkhas Foreskin !!, no disrespect to any of you Gurkhas out there !!
    As For for Rapha people like you do not do the brand any justice !.

    Martin you are 22k Plonker

  • Pete Skellen

    Hi Martin, Im curious what is it you do to work so hard at and become so bloody rich at

  • Jay

    The real corporate culprit isn’t Rapha, it’s the giant monopoly eyewear manufacturer Luxottica.

    The marketing take away always seems to be the design and lens construction. How about functionality and crash injury protection? Will it protect my eyes from debris when I hit the deck or will it rip my eyeballs out when they shatter?

  • Timpacker

    The only reason Rapha are know is because they are associated with team sky!! Rapha are cashing in on mugs like you .. A fool and his money are easily parted . As for working a bit harder life’s to short to work HARDER .. You must be one of these stuck up snobby ” weekend warriors ” .. All the gear NO idea!! P.S and reading from the other comments I’m not the only one who thinks this!!

  • Stevo

    Wow it must be so cool being you.

  • Livi Lucha

    who does Zeiss lenses for better value? Zeiss are legendary for optics. plus these are cheap for sunglasses.

  • Andrew Jones

    A pair of plastic sunglasses that cost more than my winter training wheels!

  • bit pretentious? people choose not to ride in Rapha for other reasons than the price.

  • Gary Jogela

    Cycling snobs

  • Am I the only one who read the title as

    “Rapha reveals its first performance sunglasses, and they’re not quite as PONCEY as you might expect” ?!

    Bikesy co uk

  • ron draycott

    I’ve worked hard, so I could buy as many pairs as I like. But funnily enough, I don’t enjoy the feeling as being taken for a mug as much as you do.

  • ron draycott

    Great. Pink sunglasses, only £140. I’ll have a couple of pairs

  • Howmanyjackos

    now the rapha name inspires a hard work high earning ethic! Ha! im skiving work today to go and ride

  • Phil Hall

    “(I) can afford it” “work a bit harder”. And some still wonder why the general population regard “sports” cyclists as twats.

  • llos25

    Yes I have tried and tested Rapha products it is way over priced and only average in materials and construction .It is people like you who have more money than sense who keep these con firms alive.

  • Martin Bannerman

    Rapha haters on the rise again.

    I’ve purchased 2 pairs, grey on the rcc members ones(yes I’ve paid to be a member because I can afford it! )And black pair.

    Much nicer than my jawbreakers and assos ones, feel nice and light.

    All my kit is Rapha, including numerous shoes! Unfortunate for those who constantly slag off, presumably something you haven’t tried.

    Work a bit harder, it can be in reach for you too!😂

  • £1.99 for a pair of CAT protection glasses and have vents for air and keep the dust out – bargain 😉

  • Howmanyjackos

    Lightweight (members only colour grey) who would be seen dead in a pink pair?
    Not at the members only crap fashion victim cafe I wouldn’t!

  • bjolgerl

    The £80 for the spare lenses is a good information point when trying to dissect profit margins. Carl Zeiss or not, I doubt Rapha pays more than £10 a lense so the mark-up suggests that Rapha have addicts eating out of their hand.

  • Dan Kenyon

    Orao Kayenta Sunglasses from decathlon £27.99 tip the scales at 31.4 grams look great no obstruction of vision and photochromic so no need to change lenses, handy going from shady to light on rides to.
    And i love to look of them to, bargains they are

  • lee

    Better value is available elsewhere

  • The Sniper

    If you buy a pair of these, I and all my friends will publicly ridicule you.

  • Bob

    performance sunglasses? what rot, i’ve heard it all now, but there’s always someone who’s gullible I suppose