Look Mum No Hands releases women's 'podium pants' in the same colours as the Tour de France classification jerseys - yellow, polka-dot and green

After the success of its Men’s Podium Pants, London café Look Mum No Hands! has released its Women’s Podium Pants in yellow, green and polka-dot to match the classification jerseys of the Tour de France.

The undies feature a black waistband adorned with Look Mum No Hands! and are made of 95 per cent cotton and 5 per cent Spandex.

They are available in small (size 8-10), medium (12-14) and large (14-16).

Look Mum No Hands women's podium pants

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Look Mum No Hands women's podium pants

Look Mum No Hands women’s podium pants – just in time for Christmas

The colourful grundies come as a pack of three, one in each colour, for £25 – just in time for Christmas. The men’s versions are still available, also £25 for a pack of three.

Look Mum No Hands! employed cycling luminaries Mathilde Martha Hilkea, Monika Zamojska, Jenni Gwiazdowski and Jessica Hayes to model their latest garments.

Photos by Peter Drinkell/www.lookmumnohands.com

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  • ummm…

    I can’t believe that in the 21st century somebody thinks its ok to show us women’s bodies. Why are they not dressed to their ankles? More exploitation. Maybe it is the same evil mind behind the Colnago ad.

  • Butty

    Disgusting filth! They could of simply arranged the pants sans bodies in a thoughtful display.
    The one reading Cycling clearly doesn’t know one end of a mag from another and they all look well under 14 y.o.

  • Chris

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  • Jay Kay

    Because they are advertising undergarments, not bikes…and also maybe because these are real women cyclists and not #slinkymodels. I bet these women actually volunteered and know what a bike is and does…Miss Colnago #lookatmybahookie…probably never cycled in her life..

  • ummm…

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