When you get started in the world of cycling it can be daunting to remove one hand from the handlebars, let alone both of them at the same time.

Riding no-handed is a good skill to master as it can allow you to remove clothing and reach for food and drink from your back pockets.

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But you don’t have to take both hands off the bars to eat and drink on the bike, so it’s important to have your nutrition in a place that you can reach it easily without rummaging around for too long.

Riding no handed requires a good, strong core to do for any decent period of time. Make sure you relax your body and gently shift your weight from side to side to keep your balance.

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Once you’ve mastered that art you can learn to take your rain jacket off while on the move. Unzipping it and peeling it off while riding no handed is just as tricky as it looks, but keep your body relaxed and make sure the arms of your jacket don’t get wrapped up in your back wheel.

  • Laurence H Grant

    If you have no rear pockets in your race jacket or cape then before putting it on and zipping up take out any gels or bars you may need in the next 30-60mins say, and then tuck them into the gripper of your shorts where they shall remain safe and easy accessible. I find this the best solution. NB if you gonna follow the video instructions to undo bars first then this may not be best idea unless you want chocolate and granola seeping out your bib shorts. Not a good look!

  • barraob1

    The dublin/wicklow mountains are the same

  • Vince Chittenden

    Didn’t realise it was so easy to take off a rain jacket while riding. You just unzip it and then it magically appears already folded in your hands – amazing!

  • J1

    Unless you’re at the back. Although the pros do it, so it will inevitably happen with amateurs.

  • JJ

    so right, Andrew – I just came back from France & Germany…Britain looks like a dustbin compared to them.

  • Andrew Jones

    Once you’ve taken you’re energy bar or gel from your back pocket and eaten it, a really useful skill is to put it back in your pocket and take it home rather than dump it on the road. SIS particularly seem to be selling a lot of gel’s these days to people who think the grass verges of the English countryside are one massive rubbish bin.

  • CyberTonTo72

    Shouldn’t take both hands off the bars in a group tbh