China’s crazy traffic-straddling bus would be terrifying for cyclists (video)

A traffic-straddling bus, designed to get commuters over traffic jams in gridlocked China. moves two metres over cars and is as wide as two road lanes

Engineers in China have developed a concept for a traffic-straddling bus to overcome the horrendous traffic-jam problems that plague towns and cities in the country, but imagine cycling as it passed over the top of you.

The design looks a bit like a catamaran but on land, with a passenger-holding body compartment standing 2m10 above the ground and two supporting ‘fins’ connecting the bus to rails on the ground.

The idea is that the bus can continue moving over two lanes of traffic even when it’s gridlocked down below. Crucially, for the locals, its designers say it will be cheaper than rolling out new subway trains and the supporting infrastructure would be relatively simple to install.

But what would it be like for one to pass overhead when you were on your bike? Obviously you’d know not to cycle in the tracks, so hopefully wouldn’t get hit by one, but with a top speed of over 60kph it’ll give you a bit of a shock when you’re weaving through the cars.

It looks like a good idea, though, to solve traffic problems in big cities, but it’ll probably be a few decades before it hits the UK.