Brits ride high

Five golds, two world records and we’re talking about what went wrong! That’s just how good it’s got with our track squad, who view even silver medals as a let-down these days.

Our heroic riders trouncing virtually everyone on home soil was the perfect premier for the brand new Olympic velodrome.

Best track in the world? It’s easily the best looking and in the case of our women team pursuiters and team sprinters, it’s the fastest too.

Talking of speed, Sir Chris’s keirin victory was one highlight. Roaring around the final banking at 50mph, it was an awesome sight seeing the Scot back at his best.

Proving his return to form was no fluke, he was similarly impressive in the sprint, particularly the second round of the final.

Hoy had taken the first leg but it looked as though his German opponent had the better of him as he started to come around him in the home straight. No chance – others would have faltered but Sir Chris held on to the utter delight of the crowd.

What a great weekend, what a shame none of us will see the actual Olympic track events! And now after the fiasco which has left most bike fans without tickets, it now seems as though we are going to be charged to watch the Olympic road race on Box Hill as well.

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly

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