Eurobike blog – Stalked by the stars

We have more celebrity stalkers. On the ferry from Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn, where CW Tech is holed up for the duration of Eurobike, Sean Kelly sat at a discreet distance. Then Teutonic sprinter Erik Zabel kept a beady eye on us at the Rudy Project stand. Meanwhile his protégé’s WWII fighter bike was on display at the Scott stand fresh from the Tour de France with six ‘wings’ stickers on the top tube – one for each stage win. No sign of Cav himself, but Tony Martin did show up for an interview with sister mag Cycle Sport later.

So in order to carry on our secret business we had to duck into the Charge Arms, which was cleverly disguised as the Blind Beggar complete with English rogues with waxed moustaches sitting outside drinking, where we were treated to a bottle of Charge Ale and a presentation about Charge’s new clothing line called Surface. If you spill your pint down it the beer rolls straight off.

That seemed to have thrown the sprinters off the scent, so we carried on to Cannondale, where we borrowed a three-speed Bad Boy and took it outside for a ride around the track where the electric bikes were being demoed. It seemed to be faster than them, so we were promptly thrown off – supposedly because we didn’t have the correct wristband.

If you want something incorrect, at the Hot Chili stand not a Frankfurter würstchen but a 45kg (kilos, not pounds) aluminium chopper was drawing the crowds. Made by German mentalist (metallurgist?) Sascha Diether, it will cost 18,000 euros. And it doesn’t even have Di2 shifters.

There’s a lot of Shimano’s electronic groupset around now – this time electronic shifting really seems to be catching on. One company that’s not remotely interested in it though is Phil Wood. The cult West Coast track hub manufacturer didn’t bother with the glitz and the PA and the halogen lights. All its hubs were arranged on a simple black table. There’s a 38th anniversary version that comes with a free Phil Wood dogtag. For the 40th anniversary there’s a Phil Wood titanium frame planned. No word on the 39th though. Watch this space.

Elsewhere there was a battle going on for the most innovative way to fix a drink bottle to tri-bars. HED has a bottle cage mount that clamped to the stem with the bottle facing forwards, whereas Vision has a whole aerodynamic pod strapped under the extensions which can take two different liquids and will have coloured tubes to tell you which one is tea and which one coffee (or Ribena or Jack Daniel’s or whatever…).

We were going to tell you about the bodypainted topless models but we’ve run out of time. Tune in tomorrow.