It’s T-shirt weather at last!

What a difference a week makes. At Easter I definitely still needed my thermal jacket and bib tights, even gloves, but just three days later it’s possible to shed just as many layers.

It’s been a very long wait. I can’t remember such a prolonged and consistently cold winter since I’ve been riding, but now, at last, it’s time to dig out those short-sleeve jerseys and arm warmers.

Brilliant sunshine and 16 degrees saw a big turnout for last week’s office lunchtime ride, though many of us didn’t quite get the dress code right, with a severe case of overheating on the first climb. After that we resembled a hunchback convention, with everyone cramming their gilets into back pockets.

The good weather is great motivation: I’ve spent the last few days looking for sportives to enter and planning other rides. I’ve also taken the most unusual step of actually cleaning my bike. When the lanes are covered in muck, I really can’t see the point. All that hard work and within a few miles your bike is as bad as ever.

By putting on new bar tape and tyres, I’m probably tempting fate, but I’m determined to get the most from this pleasant spell of weather.

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly