Famous Last Words: Jon Dibben

I first got into cycling when I was six. A friend of my dad used to race cyclo-cross and invited him down, so I’d go and watch. I then found out I got a Mars bar for finishing, so that was me sold.

I live with Academy boys Owain Doull, Germain Burton and Chris Lawless. There’ll be a nice bit of competition between England and Wales in the house for the Commonwealth Games next year. If the Welsh field their 
best team it could be quite close, 
but I’d still fancy us to win.

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Lawless certainly isn’t the cleanest of housemates: he’s always leaving food around, so we made a rule where it becomes fair game after a while. We have a central island in the kitchen, so any food left lying there can be eaten by anyone.

I’m into any sort of music; I’m not all that fussy. I’ll sit through the top 10 in the charts and like all of them, then Germain will come in and play some grime or Owain 
will play bands like Bastille.

Germain’s a bit of a half-wheeler. We’ve only been out with him a couple of times, but he likes to ride pretty hard. He’s been told by Keith Lambert ‘no more half-wheeling’, which shows he’s doing it too much. He’s a strong rider and does it all with a stoic poker face, not showing any pain.

We’re quite into box sets in the house. We’ve got a lot of rest time on our hands so things like Entourage, Homeland and Walking Dead are always on. They’re useful to have in hotels when we’re away, too.

A pet-like of mine are the various ‘whoppers’ on Twitter. I’ll give you an example of what I mean about a ‘whopper’: there was a guy recently who nominated Kiwi rider Aaron Gate in his British riders of the year. Although it’s not ideal that I’m using northern phrases such as ‘whopper’ when really I’m a proud southerner.

I’ve just finished John le Carré’s The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. I also really enjoyed Easy Rider by Rob Hayles – he’s from exactly the same part of the country as me and a lot of the names he mentioned who helped him did the same with me.

I’m quite into cooking. I’d fancy 
my chances in a version of Masterchef or Come Dine with Me for the Academy boys. I’d probably start 
with a nice little risotto followed by steak and a salad. I’ve got a new pasta maker too, so I’m keen to try that out soon.

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