Famous last words: Laura Trott

I was most star-struck when I met Prince Harry at the Olympics last year. We knew he was going to be at the volleyball but we didn’t know we were going to be sitting right next to him. 
He was just chatting and so laid-back.

I listen to Bruce Springsteen’s music before races – I want to meet him one day. After races I get on the rollers straight away, and then don’t do very much. I go to dinner as normally we race quite late. I might get a massage and then put my feet up ready for the next day.

My sister Emma and I are not as competitive now as we were when we were younger. We always wanted to beat each other, although we 
never argued 
over cycling.

I love going away with the other girls in the team. We get on well so it makes going away such fun, although we are focused when we need to be. Getting the balance right is important – there’s no point being serious all the time.

We watch a lot of DVDs when we’re away. At the Under-23 European Championships, Elinor [Barker] 
and I watched a lot of cartoon type films, like Despicable Me. I love EastEnders, but you can’t get that when I’m away so I bought a boxset 
of Hart of Dixie.

I share a room with Dani King all the time and I love it. We know each other so well and are pretty similar, but don’t start us talking otherwise we never shut up. Before bed is an issue – we get talking and then two hours have passed.

I’d love to have a 
family, but I don’t know what age I will retire yet. I hope I would go on to two more Olympics and then see where I am. Four Olympics would be great if I’m still on top form. I will carry on for as it feels right.

I turned 21 this year but I didn’t have a party; I went out for a Chinese to celebrate. I had a party for my 16th birthday because I knew when I turned 18 and 21 I would be busy training, so it made sense.

Jason [Kenny – Trott’s boyfriend] would say my worst habit is putting things away in drawers. I hate things lying around so if something has been sitting on the side for a few days I will just put it in a drawer and then he won’t know where it is.

If I were Queen for a day, I’d make dogs in restaurants allowed. In Belgium you can take them everywhere and I love my dog so I want him to come everywhere with me.

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