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Cycling Active is the new monthly magazine for people who love riding their bikes.

Launched last year as a pilot run of three issues over six months, Cycling Active has had such a great response that it is now a monthly magazine.

Why has Cycling Active had such a great response?
We are the magazine for active people who love riding bikes. If you have just bought your first proper bike and just want to know more about riding, kit and the fabulous world of cycling out there, Cycling Active is the place to go.

We don’t baffle you with techno-weenie language, or assume that you can ride up hills as fast as Lance Armstrong.

We like to think that, at whatever level you ride, you’ll stop for a bacon butty when the fancy takes you, or roll down to the pub with the family on a Sunday afternoon.

If you have been riding for a while but want to get fitter, or taken on a challenge like a sportive ride, CA has advice and event information.

Looking to upgrade your bike or kit? In Cycling Active we have pages of mini-tests written by our experienced team of regular riders.

Bike tests will always be a core part of the magazine. Our aim is to test bikes in the real world at realistic prices. If we like a bike that costs £250, we’ll test it. Some bikes cost as much as a small car – hell, we’ll test them too (who wouldn’t!), but maybe not quite as often as some of the other mags.

That’s Cycling Active: serious biking fun.

Come along for the ride.

In the June 2010 issue of Cycling Active:

FREE bike maintenance and set-up DVD with every copy!

Four bike big test – From carbon fibre to steel, which frame material suits
you, sir?
Woman’s Bikes – Top value chick rigs ridden and rated
Bottle Cages – Drink holders tested
Chain Tools – Seven top chain tools reviewed
Budget helmets – Group test
The work-ride life – Think you’ve no time to cycle? There’s really no excuse
Exclusive first test of the new London hire bike
Rides – Cheltenham, Sheffield and Chorley
Handlebars – Bent or straight, comfy or quick?
Wireless Computers – Seven ways to get your ride data fix while you pedal
Events calendar
And much much more…. 

Cycling Active June 2010 issue, including free DVD, is on sale now at WHSmith, major supermarkets and all good newsagents priced £3.99.

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Cycling Active June 2010 issue cover

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