Cyclist breaks collarbone after hitting tripwire in Brighton woodland

Cyclist Darren Gibson says there was no chance of seeing the tripwire strung between trees in woodland near East Brighton Golf Club

A cyclist in Sussex sustained a broken collarbone when he was dragged from his bike by a tripwire strung between trees in a woodland near Brighton.

Darren Gibson, 49, was riding near East Brighton Golf Club towards Rottingdean on Saturday when he hit the wire.

Police are also investigating at least two other incidents of this nature in the Brighton area, according to The Mirror, with riders being hurt by wires in Coldean Woods.

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Mr Gibson told the paper that there was no way of spotting the wire before he hit it: “Sadly, even if you were going slowly you wouldn’t have seen it. You’re talking about a thin wire, there’s nothing else to see – that’s the worrying thing.

“I was with my brother and a friend and I was going very fast and suddenly felt my foot being dragged. I knew that there was something trying to hold me back but there was no way I could hold back because I was going too fast.

“I knew I was coming off so I went into a roll as I went over the handlebars and landing on my shoulder.”

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Mark Strong, who works for Transport Initiatives in Brighton said: “This is just too depressing. I have feeling this is not ‘just kids’ but someone with a real grudge against people on bikes” he said.

“I suspect this is a person or people wound up by anti cycling biased pieces on radio, for example the BBC Radio 4 You & Yours feature a few weeks ago, and in print.

“Tripwires can be fatal, it is conspiracy to murder. There is no justification for it, especially with the children. This is at the thin end of a wedge of anti-cycling sentiment.”


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