Traffic Scotland publishes photo of cyclist riding up the hard shoulder of the M8 motorway

CCTV cameras on the M8 motorway near Glasgow, Scotland, captured remarkable images of a cyclist riding up the hard shoulder on Tuesday morning.

The rider, filmed at around 7.30am near junction 15, appears to be wearing a high-visibility jacket and a black woolly hat.

An image of the errant rider was published by Traffic Scotland via its Twitter account warning drivers to be careful of the cyclist and slow down.

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Local police were notified of the incident, but there have been no reports of any action being taken against the rider.

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Cycling on any motorway in Britain is prohibited, including on hard shoulders or on the edge of the motorway.

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This is by no means an isolated incident, with reports of people riding bikes on British motorways a relatively common occurrence.

In June 2014 a man was arrested by police after he was found riding on the busy M25 motorway and it was subsequently discovered that his immigration visitor’s passport had expired.

Three months earlier a cyclist was removed from the M3 motorway in Surrey after his satellite navigation app had sent him there.