Cyclist fined £400 for speeding in Richmond Park hits out at ‘hiding’ policemen

Paul Harness was fined £400 and was ordered to pay £220 in costs after being clocked riding at 38mph in Richmond Park

A cyclist has hit out out police for ‘hiding behind trees’ after he was caught riding at 38mph in Richmond Park and fined £400 in court.

Paul Harness, 40, was clocked by a speed camera on the descent of Sawyer’s Hill in the park in South London in January and appeared before Lavender Hill Magistrate’s Court last week.

Despite denying charges of speeding and riding without due care and attention, Harness was found guilty by the court and was fined £400, and was ordered to pay £220 in costs.

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The day after his hearing, he posted a message on Facebook hitting out at the officer who caught him speeding.

He wrote: “Got spotted by the cops overtaking on the outside at about 27 mph and going back to the inside to go around a car turning right,this time I did not get caught by his speed gun did not get done for speeding @38mph and cycling without due care and attention did not have to plead not guilty in front of the magistrate did not have to listen to a cop who calibrates his speed gun every day and hides behind a tree in Richmond park hammering me in front of the court,what a sad case he is!

“The amount of money it must cost to pay a magistrate and have a court case I’m sure the £620 fine I received does not even come close to covering it!”

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In March, Rory Palmer was fined £65 by Wimbledon Magistrate’s after being caught overtaking cars at 41mph in the park.