Cyclist says ‘I’m going to die at this roundabout’ after filming near misses

Helmet cam footage shows multiple drivers pulling out on the rider

A Hampshire cyclist has raised concerns about a roundabout after filming multiple near misses with cars.

Graham Simmons has posted footage of his experiences on a roundabout in Southampton that he uses daily during his commute.

The 28-year-old shared the videos on Twitter, saying: “I’m going to die at this roundabout.”

In an interview with BBC Hampshire, Simmons said: “I think what this roundabout needs is some way of corralling and slowing the approach.

“Obviously while they are doing something illegal by entering the roundabout whilst I have priority, for it to be this repeated and regular – it has to be a structural issue.”

The roundabout connects West End Road, High Street and St James Road in Southampton.

Hampshire County Council said it is looking into the problem and Hampshire Police is looking into enforcement action.

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After travelling this route for three years, Simmons said he had caught five near misses on camera in the last 11 months.

The video has been viewed more than 63,000 times on Twitter and has been shared by 800 people.

Footage shows Simmons entering the roundabout on his bike as cars fail to give way to their left when approaching and almost hit the cyclist.

Simmons has shared a picture of his bike, which is mounted with multiple flashing lights, and he says he wears a bright white jersey on his commute.

The roundabout had previously been a T-junction on a long straight road that was converted to a roundabout.

Simmons said: “I don’t have more than one occurrence anywhere else, on any other junction, any other corner, any other piece of infrastructure.”